My name is TB002. That is short for tuberculosis 2. In my free time, I do stuff. For example,
one time I coded a thing.
My hobbies include abstaining from RKS activities for many consecutive months and then returning at random points in time. If you are reading this, please stop now and do something more productive with your life. If you are still reading this, you don't listen to directions and I commend you for that, you have your own spirit and I like that. Maybe you should be an artist. If you are still reading this even now I'm sorry that I wasted your time, but if you want to waste more I have a fun activity.
Put a chair facing a wall and then stare at the wall until the next day comes.
Sometimes I do that in my free time, although I put a computer screen between my eyes and the wall.

I would like to dedicate this section to the thoughts that go through my head.

I've been in this clan for a while.

Anyone who has been in this clan for less than two years probably does not know me.

Talking in a deep voice makes you sound more authoritative and is useful for playing with strangers online.

Pi is inferior to tau.

A lot of people who were once in this clan are still in this clan.

I forgot whether this is a clan or a friendly community of gamers.

People probably want me to go on teamspeak but I never go on teamspeak.

I'm technically not a member because I agreed to log into the forums at least once every two weeks as a member but I did not do that.

I think all of my pyters disappeared.

Bitcoin is unfair because the first people who mined have a lot of bitcoins. Maybe that is fair. Actually, bitcoin is very unstable because the first people who mined have a lot of bitcoins.

Eating burnt cookies upside down may improve flavor temporarily.

This is the first blog post in 4 months.

Narlex is fat I think.

13 is actually a very young age to join a clan and probably way too early to join a clan, 17-21 is a better age.

Few people on the internet demonstrate concern for grammar.

and lastly:

When I finally find out PY004's full name, I will have admin.

I actually don't want to know you if you read this whole thing. Maybe you should do something with your time that is more productive. I heard that if you chew lifesavers in the dark, they give off light.