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  • [ACCEPTED] The Bacon

    I don't have his steam id because I forgot to "status" in console but I have his community profile:

    This guy managed to get through the wall blocking off the cave in the Roleplay server after trying to run me over with his jeep. When he missed he got stuck in the wall and getting out let him through to the other side.

    He proceeded to crash the server.

    I know I don't have video proof but this was so sudden I forgot to record. All I have is a picture.

    P.S. I think the wall blocking the cave should be thicker, or something that kills you when you enter a certain area. ( Perp )
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    We banned him for something earlier, but I asked darth to unban because I thought perm was too much. Guess we shouldve left it.
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      Ban Accepted and Caveblock will be made better.
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