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[REJECTED] Black man and <{Infinius}>- A Friendly Sheep

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  • [REJECTED] Black man and <{Infinius}>- A Friendly Sheep

    These two were on trouble in Terrorist town around 10:00 saying "Nigg--" . I told them to stop, and they kept going.

    # 485 "-<{Infinius}>- A Friendly Sheep" STEAM_0:0:28477623 07:35 172 0 active

    # 484 "Black Man" STEAM_0:1:61269 07:55 343 0 active

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    After I posted this, they started to random dm.


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      Confirmed, saw it but they left when i was about to ban them. Also Source bans would be nice to enable.


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        It's enabled, but it's ridiculously slow now that the database is on darth's server. he said he had crash issues with my db. I dunno, it worked perfectly for me and nuggy on my servers.


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          Like is said, the database connection from my gameserver to your database timed out when I banned someone, then my game or the server crashed. If the server didn't crash, the people had a lot of lag. Moving the database to the local machine made this much better.
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