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  • [BANNED] Pepsi

    Players name: Pepsi
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:20293457
    Evidence: (you can see pepsi is the owner, he encircled a whole island (albit small) with banana trees
    Time 12:23 PM (PST) june 27th 2010
    Server IP: (Gmod_Stranded)

    Reason for ban or other action: He encircled a whole island (albit small) with banana trees, making a wall out of plants/trees (rule violation) and planting way more then the 5 plant limit (another rule violation). With so many plants on the server (mostly his) it took people about 2-5 tries to get a connection. I could not record a demo since as soon as I did I get the buffer overload error. Which is why I have to submit this one in screenshots.

    I know he knos the rules since he has typed "!motd" a few times on the server before. He's been playing there for a few days now, more then long enough to know how to conduct himself on the server.

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    I don't get it, did the Tiger eat all the bananas? Is that it? LOL jk