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  • [REJECTED] Please ban (Fire2Box)

    Players name: Fire2Box
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:17137757

    Time 12:13 AM(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) 27th 2010
    Server IP: (Gmod_Stranded)

    Reason for ban, or other action: He loaded a fair portion of the map with wooden fires, it caused lag when looking anywhere towards the props and the noise was very annoying.

    also i checked if this was allowed before i posted:

    Newbrict: hey is it allowed if i spawned like 20 campfire props and lit them all on fire?
    [FH-CO]Thanatos: No
    Newbrict: is it bannable?
    [FH-CO]Thanatos: yes

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    After like 2 mins I threw most of them in the water, plus you and the whole server had my prop protection you could of done the same thing. I saw no one lagging or complaining of lag nor anyone trying to join and getting buffer overflow errors. The fires also die out in about 3-5 mins at max, they don't stick around for very long even if left alone.


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      I think this is solely out of retaliation of me reporting his friend pepsi for planting a wall made out of banana trees around the middle island in atoll. Also if the server suffered any negative effects from this then [FH-CO]Thanatos would of known and seen it considering he was on the server a the time this happened.


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        > Me being on the server does not mean I am there.

        > I BELIEVE fire spam is bannable, I should have told Newbrict that I was unsure.

        > Newbrict has been pestering me all afternoon/eveningwith asking ways to get banned and asking if he could change his name to "fire3box" or "ice2crate" to piss fire2box off.

        > Newbrict has been seeking revenge against fire2box, whom he believes to be a giant douchebag for reporting rulebreaking.

        > I do not believe fire2box should be banned, as he is one of the most active players, and I do not believe I have seen break any possible rule since I have met him.
        -- Thanatos -- RKS Developer
        Steam Info
        To add me: draconic813


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          > I believe NEWBRICT should be banned for being a giant, revenge-seeking, douchebag.
          -- Thanatos -- RKS Developer
          Steam Info
          To add me: draconic813


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            Ban request denied, case closed.

            00:52:38 ( Team) Fire2box : thanatos.. there's a ban request on me from newbrict... I think he's mad that I got his friended banned now he's grapsing for
            00:52:46 ( Team) Fire2box : reason to get me banned. :P
            00:52:50 ( Team) Newbrict : fire
            00:52:55 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : Yep
            00:52:56 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : He is.
            00:53:07 ( Team) Newbrict : he was lagging me man
            00:53:24 ( Team) Fire2box : the fires go out in like 3-4 mins
            00:53:35 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : Fire spam isnt allowed i dont think
            00:53:37 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : BUT
            00:53:40 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : you didnt know that
            00:53:43 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : so...
            00:53:47 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : i dont think u should get banend
            00:53:50 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : you*
            00:53:54 ( Team) Fire2box : I only made about 15
            00:54:10 ( Team) Fire2box : and he acted like it was 20 :P
            00:54:36 ( Team) Fire2box : right now theres way more then 20 props at their base alone :P
            00:54:47 ( Team) 긥shy ????S? : DUDE
            00:54:53 ( Team) 긥shy ????S? : WTF
            00:55:11 ( Team) 긥shy ????S? : WTH gaven
            00:55:19 (RCON): Thanatos, your view? Ban or unban?
            00:55:30 (RCON): Smithno13, your view?
            00:55:55 ( Team) RKS | SmithNo13 : No ban.
            00:56:14 (RCON): Agreed, this just seems like some retaliatory effort.
            00:56:21 (RCON): No one complained about fire2box ever before.
            00:56:32 ( Team) Newbrict : but noone complained about pepsi either =,=
            00:56:33 ( Team) Fire2box : thank you.. this is py004 right?
            00:56:41 (RCON): Many have said that he's a awesome player, I see no justification in this ban.
            00:56:46 (Console) Console : yes.
            00:56:46 (RCON): yes.
            00:57:07 ( Team) Newbrict : i dont understand
            00:57:18 (RCON): Newbrict, this is entirely a retaliatory effort on your part.
            00:57:27 (RCON): If I had known better, Pepsi would not have been banned.
            00:57:28 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : I made a post.
            00:57:31 ( Team) Fire2box : well im not going to go into this mess anymore.. I just wanted the chance to defend myself and I have.
            00:57:31 ( Team) Newbrict : yeah but i have evidance that he did break a rule
            00:57:38 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : UNban
            00:57:58 ( Team) [FH-CO]Thanatos : I think newbrict should be banned for being a giant douchebag
            00:58:18 ( Team) Fire2box : I will remain indiffrent on that since I will have a biased view
            00:58:30 ( Team) RKS | SmithNo13 : Fishy, can you hear me?
            00:58:39 ( Team) 긥shy ????S? : no sorry can;t
            00:58:55 (RCON): Although if I did whatever i wanted to, I would ban newbrict off for this...
            00:59:12 (RCON): But then I have to stay neutral since I am biased by the fact that fire2box has always provided us with reliable reports.
            00:59:20 (RCON): I will let that matter go onto fire and aman.
            00:59:29 (RCON): this ban request has been denied.
            00:59:30 (RCON): case closed.


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              Oh the good ol days. Does this gamemode/server even exist anymore after nearly 2 and a half years?

              What with minecraft, Dayz, etc. survival on Gmod would just seem like a joke.


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                We don't run this server anymore. Plus the gamemode needs to be rewritten anyways.

                There are 'tentative' plans to fix it up, but that most likely means we wont do much of it.