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[BANNED] Please ban UnkownSoilder and -(GoV)- VξпФм107

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  • [BANNED] Please ban UnkownSoilder and -(GoV)- VξпФм107

    - UnkownSoilder - STEAM_0:0:27337698
    - -(GoV)- VξпФм107 - STEAM_0:1:13432982

    -This happened at about 3:00 am (EST). On the Gmod stranded server. These 2 players started out calm and stuck to them selves. But slowly they became more and more annoying. Then it escalated to them prop killing and prop pushing me of the base i was attempting to make. Im usually not one to complain but when its obvious that they are doing this for the soul purpose of annoying me it crosses a line. So i would be happy to never see these players in the server again =D.

    I have recorded 2 demos of them but its being a pain in the behing trying to figure out how to upload them and its now 3:30 am and i dont wat to deal woth it but if you realy want me to i will upload the demos later today.
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    just click go advanced under the quick reply and then look under the title field. there should be a attachment button there. click on it and upload your demos.
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      Alright there a demo with both players prop pushing/killing/and blocking. i hope
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          Thank you