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ban ian 44 + phagocytic

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  • [BANNED] ban ian 44 + phagocytic

    i was playing on stranded today and after starting a group with M33CROB and after ian tried to get me stuck in a prop i started building a wall to keep people out, after that i said that the y axis had no limit ( no matter how high you cant be above the area ) i told them to stay out of the valley and i had boarded a line and said whoever came in would be killed and i had said that multiple times and they seemed to understand but phagocytic started coming in i gave him 5 slow seconds and he did not comply. i killed him and he yelled and then came back in, i said the same thing and killed him again. he threatened to ban me then started to try to hit me with props. ian started getting in on it and got me stuck in a prop again. he started trying to prop kill me again and i got the screenshots and steamid's so please look this over and correct me if im wrong in anything. ps. sorry i dont have a demo i will try and get it next time ians steam id is STEAM_0: 1:26581066 i didnt get phagocytic but if you respond fast enough to this he will still be there
    gms_rollinghills0026.jpggms_rollinghills0004.jpgthe first picture is of phagocytic trying to kill me and the second is me in ians spawned crate its hard to see im sorry but you have to beleive me if you want you can go onto my steam acount and contact M33CROB (dont add me as a friend i will ask where you saw me and at what time)
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    oh yes and i forgot use my radar to confirm the people phagocitic is the black dot and ian is a yellow


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      reviewed server logs and they confirm what is show in the pictures banned.