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  • [BANNED] [Asimo] Mu-Fo King

    Please read the Second person's ban request first below Mu-Fo King as it has the first part of the story.

    a. [Asimo] Mu-Fo King
    b. STEAM_0:0:27126611
    c. The Evidence contains him on my base and prop blocking, and spamming trees
    d. 7/27/2010 4:00 AM - 4:45 AM Pacific Standard Time
    f. Prop Pushing, Prop Blocking, Attempted Prop Killing, Spamming Trees, Using Trees to block
    He decided to minge me after I killed him with a crowbar when he was rummaging through my base as their tribe was at "war" with me more like being minges as their term for war was using large props such as factories to hit me in the air and cause me to land and die due to gravity. He also prop blocked the cave in which I took shelter in, in order to not get killed, he had unfrozen his prop so I used a metal plate that I had inside the cave to push his prop out of the way so that I could get out of the cave, in this time. He tried to pick up his factory and kill me in which he ended up killing his clan member who later blamed me for his death and had told me he had been recording using Fraps and would get me banned tomorrow. He then left which can be seen in the screenshots I provide as evidence (also you can see my proof of ownership of the base within one of the screenshots). Thankfully due to the majority of the map being water He was never able to kill me even once, unlike his partner in crime who had smashed my skull in using a Phx Iron 4x4 Metal prop. He also constantly threatened to get me banned and kept saying he is friends with the owner.

    Also I realize that pictures are frowned upon as evidence but I have pictures depicting almost all of this that had happened and the majority of the chat log from console, The chat before that was mainly heavy cussing back and forth and before that was simple Tribe Talk and building up to Iron. If you want to you can try to match up my screenshot chat logs with that of the Server logs at the time in hopes of providing further belief into my evidence and story.

    Hmm after typing all of this and going through the painstaking process of failed registering due to me being a spammer apparently :\ and the downloading of Gimp so I could sort the screenshots for convenience of the person viewing them so he didn't have to download so many similar screenshots. I have found out that each .tga file is too large to be uploaded, any information on how to lower the size of the screenshots so I can add them would be very appreciated. The only thing I can do now is wait to see if my story is believed or denied and hope that this was not all for nothing. Chat logs provide much information but do not provide as much as the screenshots seeing that prop blocking and pushing is not a very verbal/written thing. Reading the server logs you will find the deaths of many usually Dabulldoza and Cookie for their failed attempts and my killing of Dabulldoza and Mu-Fo King. You will also find heavy cussing in between both parties (mainly from me :\)
    At this time I will go to sleep and see if anyone has read or commented on this request later this day.

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    Screenshots are not ncessary, I have located the demo recording from the server pertaining to your situation. I am going to watch it and make the decision.


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      Thank you I will wait for you reply.


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        King Dave vs. Dabulldoza
        The entire incident began when Dabulldoza accidentally dropped a prop on you. He tried to catch but was unsuccessful. You raged at this because you lost all your weapons. He offered to replace them but you refused. He then decided to toy with you for easily raging and being somewhat immature. It was then that he decided to drop props on your purposely. I see no reason to enact a ban on this guy (aside from him toying with you, but that's not enough to push for a ban).

        King Dave vs. Mu-Fo King and Karma
        There is a recording on the server falsely claiming that they know me and as such, I have enacted a ban for both of them.