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    This person most of you should know (including PY) have played with JeSS. A couple of days ago, JeSS kept trying to join the server. For some reason he couldnt, then we got a message that said "JeSS is being used by another player (disconnected)" When JeSS finally joined, he was non responsive when we asked him what was wrong. I asked him questions, and he did nothing but walk around. Treebark took my advice and we temporarily banned him for one hour. I am not sure if his account is still hacked. If any one knows him, please try to contact him. Until then, I believe it is of best interest to temporarily ban him from our servers until this issue is resolved. His Steam ID will be in the logs from either Friday or Saturday. Treebark can testify that this is true.
    I Wonder if I can spawn a PHX 3 explosive barrel in RP. Oh carp I can!

    Now I wonder if I can spawn a bomb. HOLY SHIT!!:47:

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    Yeah hackers are dangerous.
    Originally posted by Shamiz
    Hey Conman, want to play GRP while we wait? hehe
    Originally posted by Conmanx360
    Haha, is there still a GRP? Cause I'd be glad to.
    Originally posted by Shamiz
    No I lied


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      I know i am.


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        :O i will watch out for him if i see him

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          Banned by PY as precaution. Player instructed to message me if he sees message.