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[FAQ] Requesting a Player Ban

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  • [FAQ] Requesting a Player Ban

    Record the player who is breaking the rules using FRAPS(for fraps, you must follow the directions below) or take a Demo or provide some sort of evidence. At the minimum provide the date and time when the infraction took place so that we can find the server logs detailing the incident.
    1. Create a new topic on this forums and include the following information.
      a. Player's In Game Name
      b. Player's Steam ID (ex: STEAM_0:0:12345678)
      c. Attach the evidence to the topic.
      d. Time and Date
      e. Server IP and Port
      f. Explain why this user should be banned or disciplined.
    2. A Admin will review the request and appropriate server logs before making a decision. The decision will be posted to the topic you made and implemented on all or corresponding servers
    Preferred Evidence
    We allow you to give us any and all evidence you wish to provide. However, we make the determination on whether or not they will be actually considered. This depends on a lot of factors including but not limited to the confidence of the evidence.

    Want to request a ban anonymously?
    PM PY004 or Fireproofthor with the above information and we will discuss this matter privately.
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    Just wanted to add that people should NOT make a ban request for people who "are just annoying". If they don't break any rules, they are not illegible for a ban. (if the annoying person really makes it impossible to play normally, then the request will be considered as valid)
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      Something to do if you don't want smilies to show up in the Steam ID and over the request.

      Below the post icons there is Additional Options, then the first line is Miscellaneous Options and check "Disable smilies in text"

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        Updated. Please follow the new procedures.