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[ACCEPTED] Noob terrorists

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  • [ACCEPTED] Noob terrorists

    I was playing on the CSS jailbreak server when I was CT helping out another guy with mic. He said in the big cage or you will be shot so when they all ran out and tried to knife him we killed all the Ts that attacked. But they were getting mad and yelling "FREEKILLERS" and votebanned the other guy then votekicked me. I went back and told them that he said IN the cage and they kept arguing then they just votebanned me and I thought I would just post this here to get un banned.
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    Heres the rest of the information:

    a Killer <KFP>
    c May 9, 2009 5:50 PM est.
    d STEAM_0:0:9911991


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      Votebans are usually only 30 minutes.
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        Yeah, you should be unbanned automatically.
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