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[ACCEPTED] Killa - It wasnt even my fault.

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  • [ACCEPTED] Killa - It wasnt even my fault.

    ingame name - [Spec-Ops] Killa
    server ip -
    steam id - STEAM UserID STEAM_0:0:7754222
    7:35 PM, Monday March 30
    Explanation - I was running around on the server when 2 cops start running after me trying to arrest me for no reason. i just grabbed a prop, swung it at him expecting it to go through, but it hit him O.o ...... i didnt even know you could "prop push" or whatever you want to call it. I didnt even do it just for fun, i did it to get them away from me so they couldnt arrest me, i didnt even do anything that i could get arrested for.

    Please help me i love the dark RP server and i dont want to be banned from it.
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    This guy seems legit.

    Give him another chance.
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      Hi killa, I say give him another chance.


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        For the record, I was the one who banned you. You spawned a prop and used it to push the cops away with it. I'm not sure what exactly the situation was for why they were arresting you, but I did that based on what I saw, after being hit with your prop just as you were trying to keep them away.

        I'd say let you back on, on the condition you not do it again, and be sure to read the motd.

        Prop pushing isn't allowed, even if you're "just trying to keep them away".
        "I'm only mean to people who deserve it."


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          does that mean im unbanned?


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            Unbanned by PY004.