Do not wear RKS tags just because you registered on the forums! You have to file an application first!

Just because you registered on our forums does not mean that you can wear our tags. Please note that you have to file an application to join first. All users who wear our tags without filing an application and getting accepted or recruited first will be banned from the servers when caught!
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Some questions

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  • Some questions

    Woot first thread in this section lol.
    Hi I was thinking about joining RKS but since I have some bad experiences with clans I would like some info :P

    1. What does RKS stand for?
    2. What is pyter exactly and what do you buy with it?
    3. What games you guys play at the moment?
    4. A brief history!?
    5. Is it true you guys have monthly buttsecks parties or is that a rumor?
    6. Are you looking for any helperes (designer, admin, stuff like that?)
    7. If I join do I have to do anything? (Cause after 2 years of running a clan I just want to play and nothing more)

    Don't mean to be rude or snobby just want some info :P
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    1- RKS doesn't stand for anything. Besides something PY saw at an airport.
    2- It's a currency system, for posts you have on forums and how long you play on the TF2 server, you can buy admin, respected on GMOD, and many other things.
    3- We play TF2 and GMOD at the moment, when our TF2 and GMOD servers are populated most of the time, we will expand into other games.
    4- RKS began 2-3 years ago, we had a popular CSS surf server, then we shut down for a while, and started up again and had a popular GMOD DarkRP server, then we shut down a 3rd time because PY didn't have time, and now here we are.
    5- We do have monthly buttsecks parties, just ask Deathbecomes for some.
    6- We are looking for helpers, if you want admin, you have to earn it by helping the clan.
    7- Play, help. YAY.


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      1. RKS is part of some airport code in Korea (full code is RKSI)
      2. Pyters are a form of currency gained by posting. At the moment I'm not quite sure what you can buy with it, but you can give Pyters to other people for various things (e.g. lottos)
      3. GMOD and TF2, but we play many games as we have had CS:S servers in the past as well
      4. PY can give a better history, but RKS came together and went through different phases, three to be exact. I have been here for the second two
      5. Interesting rumor that is.
      6. Not really, it helps, however, that you can have mapping experience in Hammer, LUA experience for GMOD and perhaps in modifying mods for games like CS:S and TF2. Admins usually are buy donating or being very helpful to the community (enforcing rules, participation in forums and servers)
      7. Just participate in the servers and forums (we have a TS3 server as well, best way to get to know admins and regulars), and have fun.

      EDIT: Two responses yay! Lulu is Asian

      Take a look at the Information forum for better server info and on the Game Monitor things on the side (press the Forum button on the top to have a better view of the Forums)


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        Alright fishy, here are the full details of RKS. Since I am the founding member, I believe that I can answer these questions the best.
        1. Back when i was starting RKS up, I was unsure of what to name it. Being a horribly uncreative person, I was unable to think of anything. So, I began to browse acronyms and ended up looking through the ICAO airport lists. I found RKSI (Incheon Internation Airport, South Korea) and took the first three letters from it because I thought it was cool. Although the name doesnt have much to it, I think it's a pretty damn good clan tag.
        2. The pyter system began during the second iteration of RKS. I will explain the history below where you asked. Anyways, it's a system of rewarding active members. Forum activity and activity in select servers bring in pyters. This is the RKS currency. Donating, etc also gives you pyters which you can redeem for variety of perks. Because we're starting up again after some slumber, the full price list hasnt been published yet, however, it will be posted within the next few days.
        3. RKS currently focuses on TF2, but we also have some game servers in GMOD and L4D and L4D2. Our members are free to play whatever they want, and we don't really enforce a minimum playing time. However, the focus as i said is currently in TF2 as that's the only way we can easily bring in new members, which we need to grow as a clan.
        4. RKS was started up back about 2.5 years ago with the founding members me and Prodigy (Narlex would join in 2 weeks later). It began when one day, i thought it would be cool to run a server. It initially started out as a CS:S surf server and expanded quickly into GMOD, running 3 gmod servers that were in the top 10 list. It was pretty popular back then. Unfortunately, I had family problems arising three months later, and since I couldn't manage it, I had no choice but to shut it down for a while. The 2nd iteration began 3 months after the first RKS closed down. That was the most stable RKS and lasted for a longer time. The first one was filled with all kinds of dramas that comes with a starter clan. Being inexperienced, I had difficulty controlling disputes, etc. Although the second RKs was great and everything, I have college work and as a result, I couldnt' put as much time into it as I wished I could. As each day passed, I had less and less time to put into RKS. As a result, our servers became less and less popular and eventually, I was forced to hand off control to Darthkatzs, however, he did not have the motivation to keep the clan going and ended up closing it down. About 3 months later, I decided to start up RKS again since most of my college work is now done and I have nothing but free time. I initially started out with me, Narlex, and Darthkatzs as the founding members, however, since Narlex doesnt really do much (although he does help a lot more nowdays) and Darthkatzs is busy with his own stuff, I basically have full control and have promoted myself to the lead founding member. LOL. Well, I had no choice. Anyways, we're focusing on TF2 to get more members, and hope to expand into many different games. We do run a few dedicated boxes, so we do have the necessary resources to support a rapid growth.
        5. Well, Kickass and Ballistic may be interested. You should definitely pm them. We do like to joke around, you will see that I do really horrible jokes towards Ballistic and Kickass and we do have pranks on new members from time to time to see how you take a joke. If you're a serious person who can't handle jokes, RKS is probably not for you. However, you ran a clan before, so I am sure that this is not a issue.
        6. Helpers would be nice. I am always looking for people to help out in a variety of stuff. If you wish to help out, send me a pm or steam chat with your skills and I will see what I can do. However, new members are usually restricted from touching server files, and I do tend to be really controlling with RKS assets. So you will have to leave a log of all the changes and stuff and clear changes before you comit to them with me. Also I would have to get to know you first, so the first few things I let you help me with may be really boring stuff. But spending time in our teamspeak 3 server helps as I can better guage a person's intentions with voice than I can do with a simple text chat.
        7. I don't expect my members to do anything as a mandatory requirement aside form being active on the forums. As long as you keep the RKS tags on and have fun with us on teh forums or other means, it's fine. I do have to prune members from time to time, such as those who havn't been active in a year, etc. If you wish to join join a clan and not participate in it, I dont see the point of joining the clan in the first place. you would be better off being clanless, or joining a community. However, as I said, I don't expect much. you're free to play whatever you want as long as you keep teh tags on and drop a line every once in a while. You're not expected to start up servers, or do butt dances, or hoolahoops, or whatever for that matter. Basic default rules apply however such as no hacking (aimbot, ESP, etc in any server except a VAC insecure server) no cursing, no racism, no identity theft, no stealing money from the bank, no assassinating politicians, and the usual stuff.
        I hope these answers your questions and I wish we can have a fun time with you. Drop by on the teamspeak server some time and it will help you see what we're like. you're free to hop on anytime and have fun even if you're not a RKS member.


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          Wow can't help but think of my clan when reading that...
          I was there when my clan got started and somehow I ended up carrying the whole thing on my back, long story short I gave up and stopped carrying and it slowly died, we had a funny radio show at one point lol

          Anyway... I was leader of xog, I know all aout FTP's, Running a server, when to kick/ban (although on xog you had to do something bad for that to happen) I like to think im pro with photoshop, I Have basic coding and html skills, played games since age of 5 (have a pic to prove that lol) and I really just wanna play, and not have an responsibilities. (I know... shounds selfish but I'm tired of all the bullsh** don't know how you guys take to cursing)

          you guys seem cool so whattahell, I'm in... do I just put the tag up or what?
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            That's the application post.

            You just need to answer the following. Leave the steamId blank, I already have it from you joining the server. You can leave f. out since I know why you want to join. The last agreement, well, if you're on teamspeak or something, then you don't have to post. I just need to know that you're alive. LOL.

            As for responsibilities, that will be entirely your choice. I will offer you some tasks, it's up to you to accept or deny. Refusal does not alter our relationship or how I think of you in any way. It's entirely your choice what you want to do.
            • a. Your in game name (McChicken, Darthkatzs, PY004, etc)
            • b. Your age (19,13, etc)
            • c. STEAM ID (example: STEAM_0:0:01234567, not McChicken, Guppy, etc)
            • d. Games you play
            • e. Where you live (New York USA, British Columbia Canada, London UK, etc)
            • f. Why you want to join
            • g. I agree not to join or be part of any other clan or community and I will wear the RKS tags all the time (exception only to non source games)
            • h. I agree to participate on the forums regularly (at least once a week) since I understand that it's impossible to determine who is active or not otherwise.


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              Oh also is there an edit button on the posts? Or am I just too slow to find it? :P

              EDIT: About the jokes and stuff ye I'm reaaaal easy going, I would always come on to new members and asked them for obscene doantions to help my mom's operations lmao... they would bel ike "Wtf?"

              I figured a joke or two would make them friendlier and help them fit right in.
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                LOL I am glad we're on the same page with regards to the jokes. =P
                On some forums, we have the edit feature disabled. The ones I can think of is the application page and the ban and unban forums to prevent people from editing and changing their positions, etc. Plus this forums keeps records of all posts, so it's possible to look up the post history to see all previous edits.


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                  OMG IDK if this is offtopic or anything but this dude just reminded me of a thread we had long ago where we wanted to do a radio show lol what happend to that thought


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                    Originally posted by ChrisC View Post
                    OMG IDK if this is offtopic or anything but this dude just reminded me of a thread we had long ago where we wanted to do a radio show lol what happend to that thought
                    If you guys doing that my bud from xog can help out, he's maaad funny and sounds like a radio host, he was hosting OUR radio show.
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                      As cool as a radio station would be, Im not sure who all would listen to it. We still dont have that many active members. Once we start growing again, that might be a good idea.
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                        An automated radio station would work lol


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                          Well automated, yea, but if we had anyone trying to DJ I think they would be pretty lonely.
                          We can just set something up in TS3 though instead of trying to stream a station, right?
                          RKS | ODKL: Keep a foot in the past, another in the future and your mind in the present.
                          RKS | SmithNo13 : durrr... What?
                          ODKL being deep. Me being tired.