Do not wear RKS tags just because you registered on the forums! You have to file an application first!

Just because you registered on our forums does not mean that you can wear our tags. Please note that you have to file an application to join first. All users who wear our tags without filing an application and getting accepted or recruited first will be banned from the servers when caught!
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Recruitment resumed...

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  • Recruitment resumed...

    RKS is now recruiting normally.

    All regular operations have begun.

    All former members are eligible to become a member again if they file a application.
    Former members from the first RKS are no longer acknowledged and will not be guarenteed a immediate acceptance.

    This offer expires in 30 days.

  • #2
    Can I join? Username [RKS] Fat Tony


    • #3
      LOL Phil, nice name. If you're serious about joining though, you can join without a app. We would love to have you. lol


      • #4
        Psst, do I really have to reapply?
        "I'm only mean to people who deserve it."


        • #5
          Just post somethign with ur name in it. I just need it a thread started by you. It's used as the roster itself so i can tell who's in, etc. It's also so that i remember to setup your user groups so that you will have access to everything. It's also good have ur steamid, etc all logged in.