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Just because you registered on our forums does not mean that you can wear our tags. Please note that you have to file an application to join first. All users who wear our tags without filing an application and getting accepted or recruited first will be banned from the servers when caught!
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Changes to the Website

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  • Changes to the Website

    I've taken the time I had to perform major improvements with the MySQL database. There will be no difference for minor operations with few queries, however, those that use major amounts of queries should show a great improvement.

    MySQL Improvement Examples
    1. TCAdmin site should only take 0.1-5.0 seconds to load a page rather than 10-20 seconds (I can't do anything about the remaining 5 seconds as that's the time it takes for TCadmin to check a service, perform disk checks, etc on the remote servers).
    2. Sourcebans page should open much faster, there will no longer be broken tables due to the queries not executing in time.
    3. Sourcebans will not crash the server when executing a ban. The crash happened due to sourcebans taking a long time to execute a query when banning hence stopping the server while this was finished. Sometimes, when this was excessive, teh server would crash.

    DNS Improvements Examples - due to the name server being overloaded, initial query to the NS regarding some domains took a long time to execute. I have altered the nameserver records to which should provide major improvements.
    1. It will no longer take a second to query should open up immediately when you type it into the web browser.
    2. Fast Download (Redirect) will be much faster to switch to a new file. There will no longer be a delay upon finishing download of one file.

    Website Code Improvements
    1. All codes are now stored precompiled and the site should load faster.
    2. Useless codes has been removed.
    3. Improvements were made to the algorithm for generating the main page.
    4. vB has been updated to the latest version.

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    Further changes

    Chatbox has been replaced from GSBOS to VSa Chatbox, which eliminates the annoying lag when loading the page.
    KBank is now operational, pyter system is back!


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      A new style for the forums has been applied today.
      Chatbox has been moved to the bottom of the forums so that the menu will not render behind the chatbox preventing its use.


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        Shiny! I like it.
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