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Just because you registered on our forums does not mean that you can wear our tags. Please note that you have to file an application to join first. All users who wear our tags without filing an application and getting accepted or recruited first will be banned from the servers when caught!
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[RESOLVED] VA Server #1 Failure

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  • [RESOLVED] VA Server #1 Failure

    At 12:55 AM EDT on Monday May 3 2010, the VA Server #1 failed.

    The Operating System crashed unexpectedly. The server booted up normally and all service resumed normal functions 9 minutes later at 1:04AM EDT. Sorry to all those who lost connection to the server at that time.

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      Now if TCAdmin was available for Linux, that would be perfect. I found swiftpanel to unfortunately be inadaquet. There are so many features that it's missing compared to TCAdmin.