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Changes to Game Servers....

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  • Changes to Game Servers....

    Well, I had a power failure today, and I still have intermittent power due to a failure of the transformer on my block.

    Anyways... I have thought up a new plan for the RKS servers...

    I will be deleting all garrysmod servers and re-installing them. I think we need to clean up the garbage that's in the installation. Spacebuild server is going down for good. No one played in them lately anyways.

    Also from now on, TB002 will have full administrative control over the garrysmod servers. All future game server requests in gmod should be directed towards him. - DarkRP - Stranded

    Note: These servers are being installed/setup and may not be available at this time.

    The first goldrush server is staying as is. That's what the server is intended to be. A second 2fort instant spawn + mod server will be setup soon to accomodate those who like to have fun and isn't about the seriousness of goldrush. - 24/7 goldrush - ctf 2fort, some fun mods, etc. Instant Respawn.
    Admin on Servers
    RKS for some time has been looking to establish new ties with a small clan or one that's starting up. This was to allow new ideas to be shared, etc. One of the candidates I had in mind was 4L and as such, I gave two of their members admin to see how they are. Original plan was if they were a nice bunch and continued to join our servers regularly, I would offer a alliance between the two and a TF2 game server to be used on a name share basis. Unfortunately, they stopped showing up which means that this offer is no longer valid towards them. However, I am still looking to start up a alliance, so if you know anyone, please do tell me.
    RKS hasnt really ventured too much into CS:S. However, there has been some requests for Jailbreak and minigame servers.
    CS:S being insecure due to its age has been a platform RKS usually stayed away from. Although this is where RKS first started, it is no longer seen as a viable platform from which to gain a player base. However, if there is someone who knows how to manage servers who wishes to manage a server in CS:s, please feel free to contact me.

    IPs reserved for CS:S

    Note: CS:S beta server has now been deleted.

    Left4Dead 1 and Left4Dead 2 Servers
    We have 4 servers divided in half between L4D1 and L4D2 online. They are currently set to be open to the public, but if anyone wants to join them, you can easily do so by joining the public steam group. This will give you access to see these two servers in a special section of your L4D main menu. You can change maps and stuff using the votes or by asking me nicely. L4D2 L4D2 L4D1 L4D1

    Other possible servers
    If you have suggestions for more servers, please feel free to tell me about them. We got ample processing power and all these IPs to fill.


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    How about a fretta server? They seem very popular.
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      transormator failure eh? just send it to me and ill get it fixed up.

      BTW, Congrats TB for tha nice admin.
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        Thank you.
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