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[RESOLVED] Forum Instability...

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  • [RESOLVED] Forum Instability...

    Many of you may have noticed that our forum has become unstable. You may get weird database errors from time to time that aren't really errors, and the template sometimes glitches.

    RKS forums have come a long way over the years. Over these years, the forums has been updated each time. Transition between VB3 and VB4 has been a particularly tough one as we encountered performance issues. Although most of these issues has been solved, the forum is still running slower than normal, and there are excessive garbage files in existance. As such, RKS website will be undergoing a complete overhaul in the next few days. All forums, posts, and users will be migrated over to a new vBulletin instllation. Then, all the plugins and templates will be installed before having that forum turned into the main RKS page.

    This process will be time consuming, however, it has reached a point where it's necessary. I will make a new announcement once the new forums are up. Please make sure that you report any bugs that you encounter.

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    DDoS or zks incedent? ore none?
    I want to see her face when she eats my cream!
    - Dr. Walter Bishop


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      Neither. It just happened due to small amounts of garbage accumulating over time.


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        well lets burn the garbage then


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          Finding these code fragments will be difficult. It's time for a clean installation.


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            Forums have been cleaned up for those who didn't hear. I forgot to update this announcement.