Do not wear RKS tags just because you registered on the forums! You have to file an application first!

Just because you registered on our forums does not mean that you can wear our tags. Please note that you have to file an application to join first. All users who wear our tags without filing an application and getting accepted or recruited first will be banned from the servers when caught!
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Minecraft Server Online

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  • Minecraft Server Online

    You must have a login id and be logged into it or else you will end up playing on a single player game.

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    8 bit pacman in minecraft
    8bit pacman.JPG


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      there have been some1 on the server griefing (destroying) alot of stuff, building stuff on things that should not be there, and one of my buildings vere totaly destroyed and a house was built there instead. i have fixed what i found that was destroyed that i could fix, and i have re-built my building. but if any of you see some1 griefing please report to some1 that can do somthing with it *cough* PY *cough* thx :]


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        I will be reinitializing the world soon and making the server private.


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          URL changed.