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CityScript and SeriousRP

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  • CityScript and SeriousRP

    I know SeriousRP is probably a bit of a running joke, but if anyone is still interested in following the progress of either CityScript or SeriousRP over the coming months, you can find them here:

    I actually nearly finished CityScript, which is something!

    I've no doubt people have moved on to greener fields by now, though...

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    I am excited! I shall take alook! Thanks for the update phil! And yes, we've been waiting patiently for SeriousRP since 2007 as our website states. Regardless of it being a joke or not, it is still welcome news!

    Edit: This was posted under announcements so only admins are able to respond to it. However, ChrisC would like to say he's really looking forward to SeriousRP!


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      WIP screenshots of some of the models in SeriousRP so far.


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        Wow I like it so far! It looks very "serious"!!

        I love the transformers and the power system. I wonder if I can zap people with the 11000V supply!