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[REJECTED] Tournaments

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  • [REJECTED] Tournaments

    we should open a Tournaments for public and clan only to grow interest in the clan. have weekly small tournaments with small Rewards and larger ones in the Future

    Small Tournament reward ideas
    -Respected status on garry mod RKS servers
    -moar PYers
    -cheap steam game
    -host for next Tournment
    -Tournment Points

    large Tournament reward ideas
    -Cash (20 USD-50 USD)
    -bigger steam game
    -Admin Powers on a server for a week

    Tournament Points (TP)
    each time you take part in Tournament form start to finish, you gain a point. the points are start to show how good you are. this also can be used as a balancing act for new tournaments when having multi players.

    Rules Ideas
    -Tournament host, Tournament admin and server owner can't play in game and dont win points
    -Tournament host can add to reward and must be able to pay all winners of that reward if its a team based tournament (EXCEPT TOURNAMENT POINTS, WINNERS CAN ONLY GET ONE POINT PER TOURNAMENT)
    -All admins that have admin abilities (that are playing nor the tournament admin) for the whole tournament and readded at the end
    -Tournament Host chooses game, rules and how a person wins but limited on servers available. unless the host will provide a server and have it completely working when the tournament start then that is ok.
    -Public games require all people playing to have a active login to the forums

    also tournaments will have a Board and a sub board which the sub-board is a suggestion box for a tournament.

    thats my suggestion

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    Didn't I have something like this in the old RKS? It happened for 2 weekends and then just blew up because no one cared anymore.


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      yeah shelling out moneys simply for playing doesn't work, especially in a small community where PY pays for pretty much everything. However, getting as many people as we could on the CS servers like with the zombie mod that we had was really fun, and I think on tourney days we eventually just did that lol. And movie days too, fun stuff


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        It was called movie mania, it was pretty fun when we did it on Gmod once.
        Originally posted by Shamiz
        Hey Conman, want to play GRP while we wait? hehe
        Originally posted by Conmanx360
        Haha, is there still a GRP? Cause I'd be glad to.
        Originally posted by Shamiz
        No I lied


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          RKS simply does not have enough members to host a tournament. Also public tournaments are kidn of a fail. No one joins wanting to participate in a torunament who's a complete stranger.

          You put a lot of thought and effort in brining this suggestion up and I appreciate it. However, despite the effort and best intentions, this isn't a good idea and therefore, I have no choice but to reject it.

          Thanks for your suggestion, no matter what the outcome, it is always appreciated. It gives me ideas for the future.