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Server Suggestion: Freelancer w/ Discovery Mod

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  • Server Suggestion: Freelancer w/ Discovery Mod

    Originally posted by PY004 View Post
    Other possible servers
    If you have suggestions for more servers, please feel free to tell me about them. We got ample processing power and all these IPs to fill.

    I know I brought this up on the old forums, and we had some interest, AND considering we have ips to fill, again I was wondering if we could set up a freelancer server with discovery mod. It's a huge game, and fun too. THe downside to this is that not many outsiders will join unless you publicly go to the guys on discovery mod and tell them you have a server set up etc. It would be like our little playground. The cool thing about FL is that you can play by yourself, almost the same if you play with others. So any ideas on this topic?

    • Empty ips
    • Freelancer w/ discovery mod
    • Playing by yourself = playing with others
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    I vote yes to this idea, its a fun game.
    Originally posted by Shamiz
    Hey Conman, want to play GRP while we wait? hehe
    Originally posted by Conmanx360
    Haha, is there still a GRP? Cause I'd be glad to.
    Originally posted by Shamiz
    No I lied


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      a million times yes


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        Originally posted by DirtydeedsDUN2u View Post
        a million times yes
        lol I never saw you play Discovery Mod.

        Vote yes, awesome game


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          Find me the server files and maybe this is a go.


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            YES! House hop to it.


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              Some Links:
              DIscovery Mod Home:
              Mod Manager(Needed to run mod on client side, not sure about server):
              Global Server Workaround(Server only i think):
              Actual Game: Get it or TPB it or something

              PY I really suggest you talk to house because he knows alot more than I do on how to set up the server.


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                Key Files:

                Freelancer: You will have to get the game somehow to your server box, as it includes the dedicated server files
                Discovery Mod (link above) and Mod manager (link above): after you install FL, install the mod manager, which will allow you to use the actual Discovery Mod files. When you enable the mod, it will write over most FL files, so keep a backup of the original game.
                IONCROSS - This is a server side tool that allows for more functionality than the dedicated server that comes with FL

                If you need better functionality with the server, then I suggest you visit and/or the Discovery mod website.


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                  I have (although unsuccesfully) set up a freelancer server before (with house's help). So I'm kinda familiar with this stuff. If you need help please just ask.


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                    It says it needs a graphics card...
                    Since servers don't have graphics cards, someone is going to have to extract just the Dedicated server files.


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                      The installer says that? I got SATs tomorrow so I'm going to sleep. House is probably on the ts server


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                        oh hell ya... I want to have a capital ship for the lawls