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Stranded suggestions (New rules and server lag)

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  • Stranded suggestions (New rules and server lag)

    1. The map changing every 1 hour and 30 mins is far to short. it takes around 40 mins to get enough resources to set up the factory, even longer in order to properly use the factory.

    2. people having like a 6 by 6 patch of watermelons has never, ever lagged the server while I was in there. I have no idea why we are only allowed 3 fruit plants, 3 trees, etc. The thing that actully lags the server is the players themselves.. the server can barely ever handle more then 12 players at a time even if those 12 players barely own anything at all. That's why we always got the bugger overflow errors trying to join the server when it was about 75% or more full.

    The server can handle a lot of props, like a elegant base which I helped build this morning with Jake and I think Sober. it was a 3 floored base made of around 100 PHX iron 4 x 4 models.and around 12-13 people were on at any given time building there own camps.

    seriously, just get 16 people on the server at the same time with no props what so ever and you'll have this fabled lag. I have no idea why the server can handle a massive number of props, but it can't handle even 16 people. I spent the last 5 days in love with the server, I reported problem users, I leveled up to level 51 and I brought some of my steam friends to the server.

    I can now honestly say with these new rules and ultra tight restrictions on nearly everything, I am feeling really, really disenfranchised by the stranded server. seriously, having more then 3 fruit plants will not make your server lag.

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    1. I agree, I will make it longer.
    2. Reliable snapshot overflows are not player, but props and entities. The server has never broken past 10% processor usage on the core it's running on. However, we only have the 3 plant limit on the trees. Plant limit is at 10 which I think is more than adaquet. You don't need 20 trees, nor do you need 36 plants. I think these changes are not too imposing, and yet still be able to stop some of the annoying mingebaggry that happens.

    Keep me advised regarding the rules and what you think. Although they were based upon those other Stranded servers enforce, they still are not perfect and I would like to continue tweaking them. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Regarding RSO (Reliable Snapshot Overflow)
    RSO is a rendering error which indicates that the client was unable to render everything on time. Basically, Valve never imagined a situation where so many props/entities would exist on a single server. Everytime a client joins, the server will attempt to push a snapshot to the client. If the client is unable to receive this before the server takes the next snapshot, then the client gets a reliable snapshot overflow.

    Regarding the Lag
    This is one of the weirdest problems with Garrysmod. Stranded currently writes to the default SQLite DB. For some reason, the writes take longer and longer the more the server stays on a single map. Each time a player's character saves or there is DB activity (logs being comited to DB, etc) a lag spike occurs. usually when the server first starts up, this is less than 10ms and no one notices. I have seen however that after a few hours, this tends to increase to around 250-500ms.

    EDIT: Timer Changed to 3 hours. Once the map next loads, the new timer will take effect.


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      Thank you for taking my suggestions into consideration. I agree that a person doesn't need 32 trees, I only planted around 4-7 trees at max and I had every bit of intention to chop them down after they grew. As for edible fruits I have planted 10-20 at a time to get my planting skill up and I knew I was going to be on the server for around 3-4 hours.


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        Personally i think that the food plant limit should be at least 15 becuase generally when groups get together and make a settlement one guy is the planter, also if you want to have grain and beries planted you would have to only have 1 of each and would take you awhile to get the amount needed to make meals. And 3 trees is definatley enough becuase as long as you can gather sprouts and plant them you won't run out and since they are only needed to build a home, weapons, and some of the "structures"
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          Hell I planted 150+ plants and trees during a 11/16 (is it 16? whatever) and server didn't crash. althoguht it did lag a tiny bit
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            It's not the crash, it's the fact that it causes reliable snapshot overflow.


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              Well if we do do this. How will i take out my rage on fellow strandiniens?
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