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Stranded Deathmatching Suggestion

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  • Stranded Deathmatching Suggestion

    I feel that the rule of no death matching on the stranded server ruins the fun of working hard to make protection. So i have been brainstorming some ways to have a fair not-so-safe way of dealing with this.

    1.) Tribe Wars : Where 2 or more tribes agree on a disagreement, and settle their differences with a battle. The war can last as long until one of the battling tribes surrender.

    2.) Pursuit of Un-happiness : Where a tribe or survivalist sets a warning of killing trespassers near or in their location of surviving.

    3.) Invasion : If a tribe or survivalist is completely set up, him/her can set a deal with other tribes in a fair distance from them. Most likely the deal would regard some sort of rent of being near their settlement (ex: 20 Wood every 30 minutes). If such demands are unfulfilled, it could lead to a Tribe War.

    If these suggestions are being trolled badly, Hopefully someone like Jake will save the day DD
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    As long as it is well RPed, it is fine. Thats been the rule all along. If you have a reason, you can attack.
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      or you can be like the loli clan and go run around with pistols and shoot anyone who looks in your general direction.....


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        What smith said. If you can RP it you can do it. I forget who it was against but in GlobalRP I managed to get away with nuking his entire planet just because I RP'ed I was angry at him.