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Just because you registered on our forums does not mean that you can wear our tags. Please note that you have to file an application to join first. All users who wear our tags without filing an application and getting accepted or recruited first will be banned from the servers when caught!
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The Ship: Remove Cyclops from Map rotation

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  • The Ship: Remove Cyclops from Map rotation

    Don't get me wrong its a good map, however the following bugs occur on this map,

    Dead bodys instantly fall through the map in all places, not allowing you to pick up weapons off bodys or collect money from wallets/ purses.

    Occasional prob 1/3 times this map comes up, it breaks completely, the inventory bugs out, you cannot select a weapon so you cannot kill anyone. This is a game breaking bug that only occurs on this map for some reason, so its a boring 30~ min wait for the map to time-out and a new map to load.

    Please remove Cyclops from rotation so this does not happen

    Thanks for hosting the server!


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    Agreed and removed. This was supposed to have been removed, not sure why it's still on there.