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[ACCEPTED] Fifteenthraider's App - Former Member Acceptance Program

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  • [ACCEPTED] Fifteenthraider's App - Former Member Acceptance Program

    *My age is 15
    *STEAM ID - STEAM_0:0:20473681
    *I have the vpc, but games I regularly play would be garrys mod (on rks server), borderlands, left for dead 2, portal, half life 2, some times counter strike source
    Im in Pittsburgh USA
    *When I play garrys mod online I find the rks server my favorite and I have some rks steam friends and they are plesent to play online with, also my best frined will (willbeatu22) and join his games for the most enjoyment of some game types. Also I have applied and got in but was on vacation and unable to post to the forum as often as needed.
    * I agree not to join or be part of any other clan or community and I will wear the RKS tags all the time (exception only to non source games)
    * I agree to participate on the forums regularly (at least once a week) since I understand that it's impossible to determine who is active or not otherwise.

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    I know him and I give him my seal of approval.


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      I think he was here once before.
      Originally posted by Shamiz
      Hey Conman, want to play GRP while we wait? hehe
      Originally posted by Conmanx360
      Haha, is there still a GRP? Cause I'd be glad to.
      Originally posted by Shamiz
      No I lied


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        Accepted. Welcome on board.

        Procedures you have to follow:
        1. Add the RKS member tags to your name. Example: RKS | BFishY. Note the | is not a l. worst comes to worst, just copy paste that character.
        2. Add me to friends on steam and once you do, you will be sent a invite into the RKS steam community.

        3. Have fun in RKS. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write in the suggestion forums.