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  • [KICKED] Jake's App

    Age 17 (true age is 15 not 17)

    IGN Jake

    Steam ID STEAM_0:0:23696508
    games I play
    G mod
    Counter Strike Source
    Fallout 3
    Lost Planet
    Battle Field 2

    where I live
    Nashville, USA


    I would like to take part in this clan to help
    other members and to help others on all RKS servers
    and to hold the RKS clan name.
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    I like this guy. I know he needs a lot of improvement, but he's playing all the time. I vote yes. anyone else like to vote?


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      Im not gonna vote yes or no yet.
      You annoy me... Alot.
      But you are improving, I guess.
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      RKS | SmithNo13 : durrr... What?
      ODKL being deep. Me being tired.


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        the time i have seen him play he has been mature. so i vote yes.
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        - Dr. Walter Bishop


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          Yeah I am trying to get better I'm still learning.


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            Learning what exactly? From a 17-year-old you'd expect at least -some- maturity..
            (And don't rage at me for being a douche, don't mean anything by it )

            Also, "I would like to take part in this clan to help other members and to help others on all RKS servers" is a good reason to say yes, right? ;3
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            You care way too much
            You should just be more like me
            I don't give a ****


            • #7
              I am going to accept this guy in as a recruit.

              Recruited. Welcome on board.

              Procedures you have to follow:
              1. Add the RKS Recruit tags to your name. Example: RKS | Jake [R]. Note the | is not a l. worst comes to worst, just copy paste that character. The [R] at the end of your name denotes that you are a recruit and will be removed when you become promoted to a full member.


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                Welcome aboard the RKS Flight 823, Destination....................................... .................................................. ...ERROR, Destination Cannot Be Found


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                  He doesn't have to learn about maturity at all. I've played with him for a while on the stranded server. All he has to learn his usage of the commands avaliable to him, as sometimes his syntax is wrong. He helps everyone with learning how to play, even those whiny 11 year olds. Overall, great guy


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                    I agree with darth, but he needs to tone down his admin usage a little bit. I am sure he will turn out great after a while.


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                      I think hes a lot of fun to play with