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  • [RESIGNED] Fishy's App

    Want fishy? We've got an app for that lmao
    Here we go:

    a. I've always been known as BFishY, since grade 7 when I came up with that name
    B for Be and Big Fishy (double meaning) then I slapped a fish on there ><> and then a WTF tag for Weasel Twister and Fish friendship federation (long story)

    b. 19, if you're interested gimme a call.

    c. STEAM_0:1:3839960

    d. Right now I play L4D2, BC2, TF2, Serious Sam Second Encounter, and random multiplayer with friends from time to time (Zero Gear, CSS, Gmod, hl2dm, UT3, etc)

    e. New York. If you're cute send me a pic I'll give you my full address

    f. Friends, fun, my name look bare and naked without a clan tag, I was promised buttsecks

    g. I agree whoever I can't leave WTF, it's a group for my 2 bestest friends

    h. I agree to spa--- I mean use the forum regularly

    Any further questions feel free to ask me anything on steam or here

    I'm open and try to be honest... I'll even send you a nude pic if you behave lol.
    ~~~ Hardcore Gaming Since 1995 ~~~

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    For f, definitely contact kickass.

    g. That's a regular group between friends, which is allowed as it's neither classified by RKS as a clan, community nor a organization.
    h. Nice one.

    Since you seem so awesome, I will promote you directly to a regular member. My regular acceptance template follows below. you can skip step 2.

    Accepted. Welcome on board.

    Procedures you have to follow:
    1. Add the RKS member tags to your name. Example: RKS | BFishY. Note the | is not a l. worst comes to worst, just copy paste that character.
    2. Add me to friends on steam and once you do, you will be sent a invite into the RKS steam community.
    3. Have fun in RKS. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write in the suggestion forums.


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      Also I got your letter about helping out the Nigerean Prince.. I sent him $4,500... sorry that's all I have at the moment.
      ~~~ Hardcore Gaming Since 1995 ~~~


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        Good. You will hear further from him shortly.


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            Welcome to RKS Fishy! Just give me your bank account details and sort code, and I will wire the money directly


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              This man should be promoted to moderator of buttsecks section.
              Originally posted by Shamiz
              Hey Conman, want to play GRP while we wait? hehe
              Originally posted by Conmanx360
              Haha, is there still a GRP? Cause I'd be glad to.
              Originally posted by Shamiz
              No I lied


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                Originally posted by Saint View Post
                This man should be promoted to moderator of buttsecks section.


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                  That may have been the fastest accepted application to RKS evar. And I totally think this guy deserves it, just by his forum posts.


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                    seems like kickass will be bussy for a while.

                    BTW, Bfish is a good SPAH!
                    I want to see her face when she eats my cream!
                    - Dr. Walter Bishop


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                      Originally posted by A-Man View Post
                      seems like kickass will be bussy for a while.

                      BTW, Bfish is a good SPAH!
                      Oh man I remember that... lol I joined the server randomly and just owned everything as spy. lol
                      Those ownage streaks aren't common
                      ~~~ Hardcore Gaming Since 1995 ~~~


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                        User resigned, I guess petey and coupel others are going to follow. But leave the emocow! It's mine!