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  • [LEFT] Hippos App :3

    a. always been Hippo, cause my last name is "Hippchen", and friends call me Hippo...great beginning

    b. 20 years

    c. STEAM_0:1:20269472

    d. on my PC: TF2, C&C RA2, RA3, Generals...
    on my Wii: Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Monster Hunter Tri
    on my PS3: MW2, BC2, Borderlands, Tekken6, SD! vs. Raw, Fallout3, Lego Batman (it owns!), Fracture, GT5, The Orange Box^^, Darksiders, Civilisation Revolution, Ratchet and Clank:A Crack in time, Army of Two 40th Day, FF13, Killzone 2, Fear 2, Dead Space, Dantes Inferno, Street Fighter 4, Aliens vs Predator, and God of War I,II+III (AWESOME!) oh and Heavy Rain, wich is rly good.

    f. living in Germany

    g. Sir, YESSIR!

    h. sounds fine 4 me :3

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    Never seen you ingame... You have played on our TF2 server I assume?
    RKS | ODKL: Keep a foot in the past, another in the future and your mind in the present.
    RKS | SmithNo13 : durrr... What?
    ODKL being deep. Me being tired.


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      Yeah he's been on RKS TF2 server
      He's former XoG (ah my left nipple is itchy!!!... ... ... ... scratched it)
      Haven't seen him on much lately cause of the army and what not (I think he's trying to become like Rambo)

      I say yes.
      ~~~ Hardcore Gaming Since 1995 ~~~


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        Recruited. Welcome on board.

        Procedures you have to follow:
        1. Add the RKS Recruit tags to your name. Example: RKS | Hippo [R]. Note the | is not a l. worst comes to worst, just copy paste that character. The [R] at the end of your name denotes that you are a recruit and will be removed when you become promoted to a full member (usually 2-4 weeks).
        2. Add me to friends on steam and once you do, you will be sent a invite into the RKS steam community.

        3. Have fun in RKS. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write in the suggestion forums.
        Failure to follow these procedures in a timely fashion will result in the application becoming voided and your membership revoked.

        I seriously suggest that you join and hang out in our teamspeak server to expedite the process of being promoted to a regular member. It will allow us to get to know you better.


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          kk ty


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            ah. another fellow european. welcome.
            I want to see her face when she eats my cream!
            - Dr. Walter Bishop