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  • My new signature :)

    I finally got Photoshop working again; after accidentally screwing it (Had PS CS3, PS CS4 , and CS4 Master Collection (which includes PS) all installed, and trying to uninstall CS3 and the CS4 but not the Master Collection that contains it)

    So I decided to go render browsing on Game Renders ( )

    Found a pretty nice Transformers render so I decided to make a signature.

    Rate Please...

    Also, sniper I am sorry but I can't make your requested signature. All my signatures have unique renders and images used and this is because I randomly select a render I like and use it. I have never been able to make requested signatures when there is a specific topic, I was never thinking about making a Transformers signature when I made this, I just happened to come across a pretty good render with great lighting, angle, and color so I used it.

    What is with the low maximum for signatures?

    Under 9.8 KB???
    I am sorry but majority of people have broadband, especially on a clan forum dedicated to an online game, I don't think big file-sized images should be a problem for people that download gmod maps, scripts, addons, and gamemodes all the time.... Could we raise it? Cause this small signature is 141KB (Which isn't as much as it sounds) lol.
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    wow.......thats pretty nice my mom are also very good with photoshop.
    I want to see her face when she eats my cream!
    - Dr. Walter Bishop


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      aw oh well thxs any ways atroxide.

      Sig made by Sniper


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        Atrox is a freakin robot in disguise, I knew it.

        That's why his mic always bugged out, it was picking up interference.
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