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    7:07 PM - Ichigo: *coughs* wierd language اقترح تشكيلا أفضل
    7:08 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ Ichigo finds himself at the open elevator door ~
    7:09 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ Souske hears a bang from an unopened door in the room, the door looks to be like a closet door ~
    7:09 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: To ichigo Hurry up and press the 4th floor button
    7:09 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "over here guys" -starts to walk to the door-
    7:09 PM - Ichigo: -looks for anything suspicous
    7:09 PM - Ichigo: "यौर मदर"
    7:10 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: Looks to sagara
    7:11 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ Sagara reaches the door and can hear shuffling behind the door ~
    7:11 PM - Ichigo: "No גיוס"
    7:12 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: Oh great a new battle on the same floor
    7:12 PM - Sousuke Sagara: -examins the door-
    7:13 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ Souske finds that it is a regular looking door like a closet door, nothing out of the ordinary from what he can see ~
    7:14 PM - Sousuke Sagara: -raises the Kuton Assult Rifle and shoots the hinges out then proceeds to kick the door down-
    7:14 PM - Ichigo: -yells "నో نيو"
    7:14 PM - Ichigo: -yells "فور ألا"
    7:15 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ ChrisC finds himself rudely awoken by a loud shooting noise and is then squished beneath a door he had been hiding behind in a closet and had fallen asleep ~
    7:16 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: Looks to see that theres nothing there and asks Ichigo to press the button again
    7:16 PM - Chris: "ahh WTF"
    7:17 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~John realizes that Ichigo is not in the elevator and only standing infront of it as Souske can hear muffled yelling from under the door ~
    7:17 PM - Ichigo: -looks to see what buttons are on the door if nothing un unusal, looks closer for a secret panel of some kind
    7:17 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: John Hops down into the elevater and lissens for elevator music
    7:17 PM - Sousuke Sagara: -points the Kuton Assult Rifle at the door- "show your self
    7:18 PM - Ichigo: *looks inside elevator*
    7:18 PM - Ichigo: if something bad happens kill john
    7:18 PM - Chris: "im underneth the door please get it off"
    7:19 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ Ichigo finds nothing unusual ~
    7:19 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "and you are?"
    7:19 PM - Chris: "My name is Chris and i was sleeping"
    7:20 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "well chris" -removes the door with one hand with the Kuton Assult Rifle in the other pointed at chris-
    7:21 PM - Chris: "Thank you. Why are you pointing the gun at me"
    7:21 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ chrisc finds himself face to face with a gun ~
    7:21 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "explain yourself"
    7:21 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: Lissens for elevator music to dance to
    7:22 PM - Ichigo: -attempts to open the panel of buttons to get into the wires
    7:24 PM - Ichigo: if(fails) -sticks Zangetsu into the panel and with electric current flows into the panel
    7:24 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: Turns to ichigo Damn it master stop that
    7:25 PM - Ichigo: if(something bad happens) use Polymorphic armor to shield Himself Nel and John
    7:25 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ Ichigo fails and only manages to shock himself knocking the power in the elevator out drawing Souske's attention ~
    7:25 PM - Ichigo: if(Something even worse happens) attempt to save everyone even if it kills himself
    7:26 PM - Sousuke Sagara: -looks back at chris-
    7:26 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: Damn it ichigo WHY must you mess with every little thing!
    7:28 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: -Steps off the elevator-
    7:29 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ nothing happens to the elevator other then the lights are out and the control pannel is not responding ~
    7:29 PM - Ichigo: -press the seconded button in view
    7:29 PM - Ichigo: -several times
    7:30 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ nothing happens ~
    7:32 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: "Damn it why do you have to mess with it"
    7:33 PM - Ichigo: -using Reitsu to control the electric current in zangetsu, if(True) hold the current into a ball on the tip of zangetsu
    7:33 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: -Gets on his Astral Bike and rides over to the closet-
    7:34 PM - Chris: "well as well as i can remember i woke up in a forest and was thinking i had to get somewhere safe. Well I happen to stumble upon this place and walked around a bit and was feeling tired, found this cloest and thought it was the best place"
    7:36 PM - Sousuke Sagara: -lowers his gun- "and how did you et down the elevator shaft and past the solid door and past the lasors?"
    7:37 PM - Chris: "lasors what lasors, I dont remeber a lasor, one of you must have triped something I didn't"
    7:38 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "agreed" -starts to walk twords the elevator-
    7:38 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ ChisC sees a pepper grinder riding a weird floating bike up to them ~
    7:39 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: -Stops 5 feet away from sagara- "asks who that?"
    7:39 PM - Chris: "uhhhh is that a pepper shaker WTF"
    7:39 PM - Sousuke Sagara: -stops-
    7:40 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "his name is chris he cant remember much"
    7:40 PM - Chris: -gets up and follows the man-
    7:40 PM - Sousuke Sagara: -keeps on walking-
    7:40 PM - Chris: "hey whats your name btw"
    7:41 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: "chris? sounds like a gay name " - turns and heads twords ichigo
    7:42 PM - Chris: -runs over to the pepper shaker and attemps to punch it-
    7:42 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: -Speeds up to avode the punch- "Mother ****er" he yells to chris
    7:43 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ Ichigo fails and only manages to electrify himself making his hair stand on end as he fills the elevator with black smoke ~
    7:43 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "Sergeant Sousuke Sagara and this arm slave is ARX-7 aka Arbalest the ai that controlls it is named al"
    7:44 PM - Ichigo: -start coughing from smoke "well that was a nice shot"
    7:44 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: -trys to prosed to ichigo wile passing sagara-
    7:44 PM - Ichigo: fixes hairs
    7:44 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: ~ ChrisC fails to his John as the three reach Ichigo in his grand hour ~
    7:45 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: "nice job"
    7:45 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "chris watch your back around john he is a traitor and has tried to kill us multipule times"
    7:45 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: " not multipal times"
    7:46 PM - Chris: "well thats nice to know, ill keep that in mind Sousuke"
    7:46 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: "Also rember that he has tryed to kill me multipule times too and he started it"
    7:47 PM - Ichigo: "hey i hear that, you guys its a the pepper shaker"
    7:47 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: "also that he can't take a joke"
    7:47 PM - Sousuke Sagara: -in a cool voice- "after you tried to kill us"
    7:47 PM - Ichigo: "remember the good times, the steaks well seasond"
    7:48 PM - Ichigo: "the nice pepper corn farts he does"
    7:48 PM - Chris: -takes a step back- "uhhh im not gonna get into this"
    7:48 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "remember the cookie"
    7:48 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: "Well someone smashed my cookie" Looks to ichigo
    7:48 PM - Ichigo: -notices the new man
    7:48 PM - Ichigo: "yah cookie ps whos this"
    7:49 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: "Chris the guy who attacked me for no reason"
    Chris left chat.
    7:49 PM - Ichigo: "aw well nice to meet you man who hates pepper"
    7:50 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "so what happened here?"
    7:50 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: Ignores chris for now
    7:51 PM - Ichigo: -looks at sousukes "ok it happened like this" -before he could finish Nel Pops in
    7:51 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: Nel: Ichigo Made a BIG boom!
    7:51 PM - Ichigo: -side looks at nel
    7:52 PM - Ichigo: "ya what nel ment to say was"
    7:52 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: Nel: Ichigo Bwoke eet
    7:53 PM - Ichigo: "i was just looking around and this panel shocked me for no reason, so i stabbed it"
    7:53 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: ignoring to what they are all talking about he things of the storys he heard back when he was a child about the blue Mage
    7:54 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "al try o get his elivator to move"
    7:57 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: Al: I am sorry, but Ia m unable to without power or a access maitenance pannel, and there is none equipped that I can see
    8:01 PM - Sousuke Sagara: "where is the access pannel?"
    8:02 PM - RKS|Guppy[LDR]: Al: Unknown
    8:11 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: So what now
    8:13 PM - Ichigo: "well we can try to stay and fix the elevatorm, or we can look for another means of getting to each floor"
    8:13 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: hmmm
    8:24 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: wile waiting starts working out
    8:27 PM - RKS | John Mc Pepper: Wile working out thinks of his wife and how he misses her
    8:38 PM - Ichigo: -works on controlling zangetsu's new element

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    All Sousuke needed to do was get in Arbalest. Automatic win right there.


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      Uhh that's as far as y'all got???? And y is it in trash