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[OBSOLETE] RKS Meeting 1 Details

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  • [OBSOLETE] RKS Meeting 1 Details

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Wednesday, December 24, 2008 9:52 PM
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] has been invited to chat.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR] has been invited to chat.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR] entered chat.
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams has been invited to chat.
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Mmhm
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: now who else is there....
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Ballistic
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Kick
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: ...Darth..
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Darth is definitely not lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: darth is probably asleep
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: its 4 am there lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: ill just tell him the details via PM lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: he's prolly waking up to his presents if at all
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: just waiting for ballistic
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams has been invited to chat.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: alright if nobody else joins we'll be the 3 Leader-teers
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): lol
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams entered chat.
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: YAY, we're all here now
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: I guess this is everyone for now......
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: ok Ballistic is D'Argitan
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: just kickass and darth, but neither can really come so.......
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: or however you spell it
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams: lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: lets start, shall we
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: alright we shall start
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: basically, let me get back up to speed
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: what happened so far? lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: really nothing
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: just forum activity
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams: not much lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Gmod update caused the servers to go down
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: yeah that's what i noticed.
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: Just forums....
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: that's about it
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: I updated te gmod servers last night
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: now it's time to reinstall all those servers
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: it would be easier to do that
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: server plans
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: ok
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: VA server is offline because we don't have enough money to keep it running
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams: yay
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: so we're on the TX server now
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: I propose the following server
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: GMOD - DarkRP, RKS MOD RP, GoFISH, Spacebuild2
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: now I need server suggestions
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: hmm
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Hmm
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): HHHMMMMMM
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams: i suggest eternal silence, when it comes out on steam
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: so we'll have 2 different RP servers, Dark and RKS
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: yeah, we will initially try to take advantage of all the new mods ons team
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: when it comes out that is
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: alright well I guess we'll keep the CS:S Surf server?
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: do we like it? if so ill put it back up
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: idk I havent been on it in awhile
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: you're the one with all the records
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: has the activity been good?
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: sigh... lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: any other suggestions then
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: oh I know
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: what if we tried an Insurgency Server?
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: perhaps
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams: that mod is nice, but there are alot of empty servers
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: ill give it all a thought
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: yeah it seems to have very few player base
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: well Ballistic
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: in order for it to be fun there needs to be alot of people
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: it will probably require a start-up
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: yeah which is the hard part.
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams: yes
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: for now let's focus on getting the gmod servers fine tuned
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: then we'll work into other servers.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: righto
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: now for promotions and demotions
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: make our defences strong, then leap into the offensive
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: we have couple recruits on list
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: oh Catsapplied
    RKS | Balistic [LDR] -Aced exams has changed their name to RKS | Ballistic [LDR].
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Cats applied*
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: yeah i know
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: ill deal with that soon
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: i already talked to him
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: had to remind him today
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: but we have...
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: jagermeister, sorros, conmanx, angrypygmy, hobogreg, qbcannon, achozen
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: which do you think deserves promotion?
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: I'm for Cannon
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: yeah i heard he was active a lot
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Acho has been very active, too
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Conman for the most part
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Cannon seems alright, kinda has a ****y atitude though. But active anyways
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: the others I havent heard much from
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: didnt Jager quit?
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: yeah hes pretty active
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: i dunno actout jager
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: im just talking this list out of the last compiled list before i left
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: but sorros, angry, and hobo I have heard basically nothing from
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: wait what about Shizno?
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: alright then promotion approved for qbcannon, achozen, and conmanx. shizno is already a member. any objections?
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Nay!
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: Nay :P
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Nope
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: way to ruin it Death lol
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: lol
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: alright lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: now time for demotions
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): I'm all in for Shizno being demoted, lmao
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: i suggest that we demote treebark! lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: just kidding lol
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: curses! foiled again!
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: alright back to seriousness
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Shizno, idk he is pretty active
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: only on the forums though
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: I see him a few times on the servers
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: kickass - as much as we love him, he doesn't do much...........
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: if anything..
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: narlex - doesnt do anythign either
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: I hardly ever see Narlex
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): I tried adding Kick, but he didn't even respond to that, same with my messages to him
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: i only seen narlex once ingame
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: alright, i will have to somehow ask him stuff
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Either inactive, or just lazy
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: narlex is too interested in other stuff
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: at random intervals i'll see Narlex, and at even more random intervals Kick willr andomly join a server i'm in and them time out..
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: we're going to have to create a new rank who can take over completely when need arises
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: someone who's good at managing everything
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): I'm good at yelling at people, does that help?
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: he's got a
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: that new rank does not exist yet
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: I ve an idea
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: but it's to exist soon
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: someone to replace narlex lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: ok so in the event you leave
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: well, not me leaving
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: and someone needs to take over
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: well not literally
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: for just in case i get tied down or soemthing
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: I meant exams and such
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: yeah
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: yeah lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: we should have a sorts of checks and balances type deal
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: we need someone who's good with servers and stuff
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: know what i'm saying?
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol i thought of that
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: checks and balances but.... problem is
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: doesnt' work
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: at least not when there's too few people
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): I'm quite active, and somewhat with servers, but not that much
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Death would yell at us until he got his way..
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: (Death scares me)
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: you see checks and balances are quite inefficient
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: indeed
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): I only yell at others ;D
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: in fact, it only works on a large scale deployment
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Well, not really.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: I try to keep up on the forums, sometimes it can be hard with all these threads
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: and I try to stay on the Gmod servers alot
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): My only thing is I'm not as active on the servers, but almost always on forums and at least at my computer
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: we could pull a Captain Planet and combine our powers! Deathbarkistic
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: alright ill think of this on another time, right now, i need to talk with narlex also
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: lol ok
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: death, i think you can tone down the forums regulations a little
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Holy poop on a stick batman
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Death-forums Me-servers and Ballistic-..random
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: off topics is off topics, just look for the
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR] disconnected.
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: spam ones or stuff where it's obvious they are posting just for the post count
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): People are just stupid.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: yeah Death you have kinda been cracking the whip a little hard
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): I can't help not liking stupid people, but okay.
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR] entered chat.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: you have to acknowledge there are stupid people out there..just let them be unless it's obvios
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: i understand but they need a little slack
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: obvious*
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): They're stupid, it is always obvious.
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Hence them being stupid.
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: alright enough,
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: yeah but if you're that strict they'll be afraid to post
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: you can continue being strict
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: either that or make a thread called "OMGWTFBBQHAX MY THREADS ARE BEING DELETED"
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): I'll probably end up doing that
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: but off topic is "off topic"
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: lol true say
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Off topic turns into spam about stupid shit
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: just delete spam, and those that are obviously for post counts
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: EX: that old "Doop doop" thread that Cats made
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: yeah those can go
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: that was horrible..
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: just move all other nonsense to the trash section or delete them
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: but soem things should stay,
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: yeah people are getting mad about moderation
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: but keep it up, just cut back a little
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): That's because they are stupid.
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: discipline is still good
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: death, just back off on the offtopics section please
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: and for the most part, they are Death lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: we all konw they are stupid
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: but they need to talk
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): If they are stupid, then I'm yelling at them.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: that's why off topic exists
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: i concur
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: if people get pissed off on off topics, i will have no choice but to make off topic truly unmoderated
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: feel free to argue, Death, but dont lock it or anything
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: i mean, i go on offtopic and half the stuff is deleted or locked and stuff"
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: and i get too many complaints on that part
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: one even was about to resign for that
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: i've heard a few myself
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: SNiper
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Do you even look at what is deleted?
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: I do
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: i do
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: now that im back lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: most of it is just random facts or youtube videos
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Then you'd understand why it is deleted.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: but I mean they post to see respone
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: not post count
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: response*
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: i see a lot of stupid topics
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: like that mccdonalds racist
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: and stuff
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: for instance my Left 4 Dead Syndrome topic
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: how random was that crap?
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: but it wasnt spam
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: but if this continues and everyone starts complaining
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: I just wanted to see respone :P
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: we;ll have everyone leaving
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: you can be strict on every other part just relax on off topic a little
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: I'll post a new regulations though
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: indeed
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: and expect that to be followed strictly
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: but for the most part, keep t up Death
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: you can do whatever you want once that's up
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: it*
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: yeah other than that you're wonderful =P
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: ballistic.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: like those people with no pacients complaining about promotion
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: you have a new job
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: yay! something to do
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]:
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: you shall be the "balance" since tree wants a check and balance so badly
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: alas, i've grown too powerul for my own good
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: Lol
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: the "Balance"
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: ballistic you're not really familar with everything since you're not realyl active on thef orums, however........
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: because you are kind of on teh "outside"
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: you can kind of offer a perspective of RKS as it would be from the outside
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: you are hereby granted "Veto": powers to treebark and deathbecome's decisions
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: you're the inside man..except on the..outside
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: my head hurts
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: woot like the senate of rome
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: now....... for treebark and death, I will be alowing you both to make general RKS rules and direction, etc
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Mine too, but that's because I'm blaring an amplifier beside me
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: be careful, Ceasar, I might stab you..
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: ok, i will try my best
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: will do, boss man
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: now, for any rule changes, and stuff like that, make sure that you discuss it on teh administration section from this point
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: you 3 will be the way rks runs from now on
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Hooah!
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: woot lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: treebark is the "nice guy" balanced out by deathbecomes the "not nice guy".
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: and we got ballistic in teh middle
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Good cop bad cop.
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: middle cop?
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: yup
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Good cop demented cop, middle cop
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: and i shall be the judiciary
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Good cop, Yelling, scary, slightly crazy cop, and..Ballistic..
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: people shall come to me for complaints
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: good cop mentally retarded cop bac cop
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: lol ok
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: alright, and PY you'll still run things like servers and what not
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: alright, this meeting is over. all discussed here is not in effect until I post it on the forums. Details will be posted also with your full work details and assignments.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: so from now on no more decisions without others consent
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Sir, yes sir!
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: indeed
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: basically yeah, but Darthkqatzs will have a job also
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: right, Darth
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: and he will mostly be the engineering department
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: that BELGIAN KID
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: working on servers lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: alright
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: and im giving him access to the website to fix stuff up a little when i can't
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: sounds good to me
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: all in favor?
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: Iye
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: EY!
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: ..
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Snarf
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: death is mad lol
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: that means I
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: lol
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Guuiiittarrrrr
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: we're gonna go with I on that one Death
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: the 'I's have it!
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: alright meeting adjourned. thanks for coming to the first RKS meeting.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Indutably
    RKS | Ballistic [LDR]: Merry chirstmas guys.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Merry CHristmas to you all
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: as explained earlier, not everything is in effect yet.
    RKS | DeAtHbEcOmEs [LDR] (1): Merry Christmas, I'll eat your babies.
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: Meeting Adjurned..i'm hungry, fi ya need me i'll be on Steam lol
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We should all take a break until January 3rd when we'll actively start working to get everyone back
    RKS | PY004 [LDR]: good night =P
    RKS | Treebark [LDR]: cya
    RKS | Treebark [LDR] left chat.

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    Sry, I could be there, and sry again for my inactivaty. I'll try to be online this evening, but I can't promise anything as the family is comming over for christmass. If I'm not there tonight, I'll certainly be online tomorrowevening as my parents arent there and my new motherboard wil probabely be delivered by then. Pff, the idiots at the shop waited like a week before sending it.
    Again, if I caused any problems by being inactive, I'm sorry.

    "Man is cruel. But if man weren't cruel, he wouldn't exist, as it is his cruelness that protects him from his enemies."
    ~As said by a great Belgian


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      Nah no problem, its the Christmas season. Take your time, we're all busy.


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        You know..I think we should try to have a meeting every month or 2..just to keep up on things
        9:53 PM - RKS | Young {Daisuki}: I would like to say
        9:53 PM - RKS | Young {Daisuki}: i have thought 1 guy was kinda cute
        9:53 PM - RKS | Young {Daisuki}: but it was a child
        9:53 PM - RKS | Treebark: WHAT THE F*CK


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          aw you are right i do need to Respo............. Kickass Timed out.....

          well but seriosly i do need to respond more