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    [REINSTATED] Now that the servers are back

    Your in game name : Jay b. Your age : 16 c. STEAM ID : STEAM_0:1:61452881 d. Games you play : Garry's Mod e. Where you live : Jupiter, Florida. United States. f. Why you want to join : The server are back up & I would like to rejoin the community. g. I agree not to join or be part of any...
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    [RESIGNED] Resignation

    You've read the thread title, you know what this is. For now, I'm resigning. I'm no longer active & have no reason to remain in the community. If I decide I want to come back some time, I hope I'll be re-accepted. I'll get on Team speak now & then though so...yeah. Thanks for reading, and good...
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    An very important message

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    Whudda Y'all Think

    Edited my computer a tiny bit. What do you guys think? Now now, no trolling round these parts.
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    Tribal Head Figurines, U so silly.

    We have found the ultimate tribal head figurine...and a couple more.
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    Jay vs Hucota vs Quartz (Music Challenge)

    How about a challenge? As i'm typing this it is 5:08 AM. I'm tired as **** & i've worked on this song for the past two weeks. It's a new project i've started named FML. It's dubstep/electronic. Have a listen? Oh, and the challenge is to make a song better then than this. Good luck! (FML - Combat)
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    The Secret Phrase as of 9/21/2012

    Ever wondered what the GMOD secret phrase is? Well here it is as of now........ SECRET PHRASE : bloxwich No capitals no spaces. Just copy & paste it in to your chat. Bam, secret phrase achievement. Not, this is not a joke. Seriously, go get the achievement.....Before the phrase changes.
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    Sig Test

    Signature Test
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    Hucota, i'm coming at you bro.

    Not to long ago you challenged my music ability. You will pay. As of now i'm working on a remix of Deadmau5's Ghosts N Stuff and it will destroy you. I am exactly 73 seconds (One minute thirteen seconds) in to the song at the moment. My goal is 3 minutes +. This is just a taste. Have a lick. I...
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    MOTD Rule suggestion

    Just a suggestion. We should be able to make safes for printers. They MUST be accessible and the fading door used for the safe MUST be toggled. The reason they need to be toggled is because otherwise players would make the FD open for like a second making the printer impossible to get out of the...
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    Shawtgunninja, where have you gone?

    ShawtgunNinja, Where have you gone? You seem to reply to the forums and such and seem to be active on them yet you're barley ever in the TS3 Server or in the DarkRP anymore.
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    Hey Spetzer, after taking a look at your profile picture, It seemed more familiar. Then it hit me. I've seen that before. Did 2 seconds of googling and found it. This thread really has no importance, I...
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    Forum File Size Restriction

    Basically, the restriction for file sizes on the forum is rather small. Is there a way it can be enlarged? For Ex: I can't even use a small GIF for signature or profile picture. =L
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    Rank loss

    When a member of RKS resigns, does it result in them losing their rank? Such as Respected or Admin +. (Ex : Admin leaves RKS for a while. Admin returns, Do they lose the rank they had on the server they had admin on?)
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    Administrative Advertisement Idea

    Hello, everybody! Ill get to the point in this thread. We should have an administrative advertisement command. (Ex : /aadvert <Message>) Messages used with this command will go to everyone on the server. (Situation Ex : "Moron #1 RDMs, Admin slays Moron 1 then says "/aadvert DON'T RDM, Moron...