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    Canada fought the soviets

    Hello from the future
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    When I joined RKS, my real reason for joining was that somebody else was named Treebark and I thought that was cool. That reasoning should not be that surprising given I was thirteen years old. Since then, however, I have had a lot of great times from playing the RP server, to Stranded, LoL...
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    Dark RP Happy Hour

    Theory: If money printers are half off for an hour starting at 7:00 every day, people will log onto the servers at 7:00 every day and print money and everyone will RP. Also I couldn't find the project page to make this suggestion in the proper spot. :(
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    My Pyters!

    Where have my pyters gone?:confused:
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    [BANNED] Mikey |

    a. Mikey| b. STEAM_0:0:18530428 c. ^2{beast}^4NO^1MAD[^1N^5B^4U]: hey you there RKS | TB002: What? ^2{beast}^4NO^1MAD[^1N^5B^4U]: please ban this asshole mikey and emimen RKS | TB002: Why? ^2{beast}^4NO^1MAD[^1N^5B^4U]: eminem* ^2{beast}^4NO^1MAD[^1N^5B^4U]: they are minging us...
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    [BANNED] OmegaJesus

    "{|TE|}OmegaJesus" STEAM_0:0:5499355 a. Player's In Game Name: {|TE|}OmegaJesus b. STEAM_0:0:5499355 c. Attach the evidence to the topic: RKS | TB002: the war is over tyler.lopez12: MEOW tyler.lopez12: w RKS | TB002: if anyone attacks my city Im going to post a ban request on you [DND]...
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    [BANNED] SuperDeluxe and Anon

    # 377 "p&p. superdeluxe" STEAM_0:1:13243049 01:30 98 0 active # 365 "p&p.-Anon." STEAM_0:0:1545105 51:55 106 0 active a. p&p. superdeluxe p&p.-Anon. b. "p&p. superdeluxe" STEAM_0:1:13243049 01:30 98 0 active "p&p.-Anon." STEAM_0:0:1545105 51:55 106 0 active c. Attach the evidence to the...
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    This is a hold up

    Give me all the Pyters in the Pyter bank or I'll shoot your face in!
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    The Leader

    Yes, I would like to know the following things about your leader: His Name His Address His Credit Card Information His Age His Life Story His RCON password Please respond promptly, thanks!
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    RPG Pet

    What is the button that says RPG Pet?
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    [ACCEPTED] The Puzant

    a. Player's In Game Name: The Puzant b. Player's Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:2694491 c. Attach the evidence to the topic: Picture Below d. Time and Date: 11:00; 6/5/10 e. Server IP and Port: Stranded Server f. Explain why this user should be banned or disciplined: Creating a tribe with a racial slur as...
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    Does RKS have its own hamachi? If so, what is the info?
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    [EVALUATING] Moar Suggestion

    Three of these suggestions are serious... 1. A message every 2 minutes on the servers that says: Register at for $500 cash prizes! 2. MOTD on the servers with rules 3. Sound effects on TF2 server if you can find a way to put them in. (EG: FIRST BLOOD, KILLING SPREE, etc) 4. I...
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    [FINISHED] Money Detector and Smart Constraint

    As the title says, Money Detector for the RP server and Smart Constraint for the Spacebuild
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    [REJECTED] Tool Restrictions

    I know that tools are restricted to keep them from being minged, but some of them aren't that mingeable and should be opened to the players in the RP server: Materials Wire-User Possibly Lights if limited Same with Lamps While I'm on the topic of restricted tools, I think target finder should...
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    [REJECTED] Forum for the Servers

    Can we get a forum for each separate server again for suggestions, etc?
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    [ACCEPTED] TB002's App - Former Member Acceptance Program

    a. TB002 b. 14 c. STEAM_0:0:21628043 d. I play Orange Box + CS:S and Left 4 Dead, Garrys Mod, Halo 3, Tribes, Guild Wars e. Soy de USA f. I want to join because RKS is a fun community with a lot of cool people. I also like the servers. (Last joined Dec, 2008) g. I agree not to join or be...
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    tsoP sdrawkcaB ehT

    .kniht uoy ekam lliw sihT .ereh sdrawkcab kaeps ylnO !live era uoy fi sdrow dab yas neve nac uoY ?2 nwodkcarC stnaw ereh ohW
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    [ACCEPTED] Ban Request: Kezzaman

    a. Player's In Game Name: Kezzaman b. Player's Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:22464262 c. Literal Boy will Post Pictures, Witnesses: Me, iChris, Literalboy d. 10:45-11:10 EST(Continuing ATM) e. Server IP and Port: Dark RP f. Continuing to Prop Push/Kill after receiving warning. Also...