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    post random pictures here.

    And won
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    A note to those who own shovels

    Please, this is directed to those members that only read the forums once a month, take shovel in hand, and goes ahead and clicks on the "What's New?" tab and then clicks on every single thread that has been made in the last month to respond to it. Every time you do this, the "What's New?" button...
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    House and Dirty in the future

    Most of you won't get this: House in the future: House later on in the future: House even later on in the future: Dirtydeeds in the now: attached
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    Freelancer related Additions to the Pyter catalog

    The following additions to the pyter catalog will aid in another use for the currency, and make them more interesting to use -Capital ships: Take base price in game and divide by 100,000 -Battleship License: 25,000 Pyters -Codename class 10 weapons: 5,000 pyters each. -Rep fixes: 500pyters each...
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    Server Suggestion: Freelancer w/ Discovery Mod

    I know I brought this up on the old forums, and we had some interest, AND considering we have ips to fill, again I was wondering if we could set up a freelancer server with discovery mod. It's a huge game, and fun too. THe downside to this is that not many outsiders will join unless you publicly...
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    Pyters for playtime

    I know this should probably go on the projects page, but this encompasses all servers, and there is no such area in the projects section. I think there should be a system in which all RKS Members are paid out a certain amount a week for their playtime on servers, about a rate of .5 pyters per...
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    [ACCEPTED] Shamiz/Darthshamiz's App - Former Member Acceptance Program

    a. Darthshamiz b. 15 c. Will edit and get later d. Everything e. New York, USA f. Was here before. g. I agree not to join or be part of any other clan or community and I will wear the RKS tags all the time (exception only to non source games) h. I agree to participate...
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    Teh test

    Winner! Suck it i beat peruvian internet!
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    Did the old forums explode and turn into some new forums?
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    Choose your poison

    What would you do to the fata$$?
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    I so confused....I sense MOAR HAX
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    I lol'd when I saw this
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    [ACCEPTED] Rorschach

    Name: Rorschach Steam id: STEAM_0:1:6050050 45:05 124 0 active time: Sunday March 29, 2009 at approximately 1:45 pm Description: I was about to sell my stock of guns to magicsfire for $3000. As soson as the transaction was complete, this guy walks in and talk all our guns and shoots us. We were...
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    [REJECTED] Ban Request: Literalboy

    Literalboy STEAM_0: 1:22182995 Date of Incidence: March 13. 2009 Reason: Random DMing to the extreme Ok so this happened to me twice, the latest incidence being the one stated above. Literalboy apparently finds it amusing to kill 9 people with no cause before leaving instantly. He doesn't...
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    [ACCEPTED] Ban Request: Cheese

    He was playing on the server and decides to do this: (look at picture) Name: cheese Steamid: STEAM_0:0:18655127 People who were on: Axtrocide and SmithNo13
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    [ACCEPTED] Ban on DarkRP: Soldier

    This guy always acts bad to me and the others. When i try to rp (like running a gun store) He runs in and steals all my guns and kills me. His Reason: He needed them. He stole over 50 guns from me and He random dms me all the time, even when i tell him to stop. I demote him from cop but he goes...
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    just testing sig

    same as title