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    but wait

    when was phone?
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    [PENDING] GRP/FactionsRKS instead of SB

    as the title says for a few reasons: Spacebuild, although much like sandbox, does not have teams and using the stargates makes things a little too easy (granted it is a big map). GRP however requires for you to build ships in order to get around and best of all kill humans/aliens. I'm sure...
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    [ACCEPTED] Housemaster49's App - Former Member Acceptance Program

    a. housemaster49 b. 16 c. STEAM_0:0:18197479 d. GMod, CS:S, TF2, BF2 e. Pelham, New York f. Re-application g. I agree h. I agree
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    ytmnd ftw

    1. go to 2. press "sites" 3. maneuver using the left panel to find some kewl/funny sites 4. POST HERE!!! WARNING: THIS POST CAN UPDATE :OOO RKS | housemaster49 <TWM>: RKS | housemaster49 <TWM>: RKS | housemaster49...
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    how to solve the CUBE gamemode

    Simple, the game
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    sig test YAY

    if this doesn't work, i has a backup :D i came prepared!
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    animated gif sig

    please work :) EDIT: NVM Suggestion: Admin CP --> Usergroups --> Usergroup Manager Then choose Go beside the Usergroup you wish to be able to upload animated gif's and change Can Upload Animated GIF to Yes. You can do the same for profile pictures if you want. The option is there for Avatars...
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    Word Association 2!

    gmod BTW, will, where is your picture?