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    Member list for members to see

    I like to see a list of current RKS members and their ranks. I think this will be useful to know how many people we have and who is were.
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    GMOD servers: Hats/ special stuff ingame store

    I seen this on many servers in gmod. having a cone or a skull on the head has been interesting for using pyters for this.
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    Gun Game Server

    I like to see a CSS gun game server for RKS.. its still popular and I miss doing Gun Game when I had a server up and made many maps :D aka fail maps :D.
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    [REJECTED] Puzzle gamemodes/VIP status

    [Edited Verison] since my brother is at collange and out of my hair for now I can retype this I noticed a large amount of interest in gamemodes like deathrun and bunny hop. Within these gamemodes theres a good interest in VIP modes that pay to support the server for special abilities or items...
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    [REJECTED] Tournaments

    we should open a Tournaments for public and clan only to grow interest in the clan. have weekly small tournaments with small Rewards and larger ones in the Future Small Tournament reward ideas -Respected status on garry mod RKS servers -moar PYers -cheap steam game -host for next Tournment...
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    [LEFT] Ethanpow's App - Former Member Acceptance Program

    Blarg I am back and haven't left.... * a. Your in game name (McChicken, Darthkatzs, PY004, etc) * b. Your age (19,13, etc) * c. STEAM ID (example: STEAM_0:0:01234567, not McChicken, Guppy, etc) * d. Audiosurf, DDO, EVE-ONLINE, cabal, portal, empires * e. Washington USA...
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    Tacos? Pizza? Cake? Pie? hamburger?

    do ya like tacos? do ya like Pizza? do ya like Cake? do ya like Pie? do ya like Hamburger? can't wait to get a mouth full! what about you like the most?
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    [ACCEPTED] Banned for a day

    STEAM_0:1:14790320 (aka Import) he was banned for a day for constantly harassing other people and Breaking RP rules constantly (prop blocking as not a gundealer, Mic spamming) and some other issues that people have contacted me about, I had many complaints so I banned him for a day, if you see...