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    For the love of God fix hit detection on arrest button!

    In the words of my friend jay, in order to make an arrest you have to "Shove the button up their ass". It really makes RPing as a cop difficult because of how easy it is for people to avoid arrest. Please fix this, I will give you a cookie!
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    Prop climbing suggestion

    To my current knowledge (which in the past has proven wrong) Prop climbing is allowed as long as it is left in place and not deleted after use. If this is true then why have a prop climbing rule at all? and if your placing props on some one Else's props and they want them removed, then what...
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    MOTD Improvement Suggestion

    I think we should be more clear on the "corrupt cops" rule, I have had cops break in a and steal gun shipments from me even when they where prop-blocked ( which should prevent this but the battering ram unfreezes props) I suggest cops stealing non illegal items should be its own rule.
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    [ACCEPTED] Good day to you Gentlemen, may I join this fine establishment?

    Hello I am ShawtGunNinja, I am 16 and live in Wisconsin, My favorite games are...well Gmod obviously and a little bit of Counterstrike or Insurgency mod. I would like to join this group because it took me FOREVER! to find a good Dark RP server. When I found the RKS dark rp server It was love at...