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    [ACCEPTED] Smithno13's App - Former Member Acceptance Program

    a. Your in game name Smithno13 b. Your age 18 c. STEAM ID (example: STEAM_0:0:01234567, not McChicken, Guppy, etc) d. Games you play CSS, L4D, L4D2, Garrys Mod, Borderlands, TF2, Just Cause 2 (The latest addiction) e. Where you live Texas f. Why you want to join HerpDerp g. I agree not to join...
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    This just in!

    Guppy eats horse shit! "Its better than that fiber one stuff and it warms me from the inside"
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    [REJECTED] Generosity

    Generosity has been stirring up trouble in the server every time I see him. He prop blocks to escape from cops, spams wire text screens and has said in the server "I could care less if I get banned"