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    We need a Ragnarok Server!

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    [BANNED] Bann Abbe

    a. Player's In Game Name: »๖ۣۜAbbe | »єVp« b. Player's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:15409382 c. Evidence at bottom d. Time and Date 12:18PM, Sunday, January 9th, 2011 e. Stranded Server f. This user should be banned due to several cases of mingebaggery inclubing prop pushing, prop killing, and spawn...
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    [ACCEPTED] Lavernius Tucker

    a. Lavernius (Lavernius Tucker) b. 14 c. STEAM_0:1:15321770 d. Garry's Mod, CS:S, Team Fortress 2 e. New York, United States Of America f. I want to join because I have been playing on the stranded server for quite some time and I feel like I should join this community, I would enjoy being...