Applying to RKS NA Division (And various other Information)

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Nov 11, 2008
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This is the North American Division Application Form. To join the EU Division, go to

We are recruiting new members at this time. Please note that we do screen those who can join and therefore, you will be required to fill out a formal application below. Also note we expect you to spend some times with use in game and on the forums before applying to ensure that this is the right community for you to join. The rank of recruits is assigned to new members when we are trying to get to know you better, and also so that you have a chance to properly evaluate the clan before commiting yourself to a full time member.

Leadership Information
Founder: PY004
Co Founders: Darthkatzs, Narlex
NA Division Manager: Fireproofthor
EU Division Manager: A-Man

Rules for Joining
1. You must either be 16 and older, or really mature. Minimum age requirement of 13 applies to meet the COPPA regulations. Although in the past RKS accepted those under 13 with parental permission, we will no longer accept anyone under 13, no exceptions.
2. Admin privileges are given by invite, no exceptions! Joining RKS although a prerequisite, will not guarentee that you get admin, nor does it increase the chances.
3. You must be a friendly person. Immature players will be booted out of the clan.
4. Your friend's membership status in RKS does not alter your chances of getting into the clan. They may however vouch for you in your application.
5. You must be prepared to give back to the clan by being active and hanging out with us. Although we do allow you to play whatever you want, we do expect that you play with other RKS members from time to time.
6. Your forum name must match your Steam name. Name changes should be announced on the forum to reduce confusion. Name changes are strongly discouraged.
7. Once you leave the clan, you will not be accepted again without special permission from the leadership members.
8. Must not be part of any other clans, guilds, squadrons, units, etc.
9. If you are going to be gone for a long time, please post a notification on the forums.
10. NO CHEATING/HACKING/EXPLOITING/ETC ALLOWED WHAT SO EVER! NOT HERE, NOT ANYWHERE! I don't care if you only hack on other servers, if you hack, we don't want you here!
11. Forum Participation is mandatory. Please post something on the forums at least once a week or else you may be booted from the clan for non participation.

Getting to know us
I seriously suggest that you hang out with us in the TeamSpeak server to get to know us better. Not only will it increase the chance of you getting promoted, it will also allow you to get to know us better, and us to know you better.

If you are still interested in joining...
1. Make a new topic on this forum with the following information,

  • a. Your in game name (McChicken, Darthkatzs, PY004, etc)

  • b. Your age (19,13, etc)
  • c. STEAM ID (example: STEAM_0:0:01234567, not McChicken, Guppy, etc)
  • d. Games you play
  • e. Where you live (New York USA, British Columbia Canada, London UK, etc)
  • f. Why you want to join
  • g. I agree not to join or be part of any other clan or community and I will wear the RKS tags all the time (exception only to non source games)
  • h. I agree to participate on the forums regularly (at least once a week) since I understand that it's impossible to determine who is active or not otherwise.
2. Wait until your application is processed by the division manager. For the NA division, that is Fireproofthor. For EU, it's A-Man. They will usually let the application sit for approximately 3 days to give other RKS members a chance to voice their opinions. One of the following outcomes will be possible.
  • a. You will be accepted into the community.
  • b. You will be rejected.
  • c. You will under go a trial run where we get to know you then make a decision.
3. Once you are accepted, you can wear the "RKS | Your name [R]" tag. Detailed instructions for your name will be included in your acceptance message. Depending on the auto-name kicker setup on the servers, you may be kicked for wearing the RKS tag prematurely. Always wait until the acceptance letter is posted before you start wearing the RKS tags. Please follow all directions given to you in your acceptance message. Teamspeak participation is also strongly recommended.4. If you are rejected, you can try again anytime you wish simply by posting a new application.

Decision Makers
PY004 or your division manager (fireproofthor) will be the ones making decisions on your application. This process will take up to 3 days, so please be patient. This is so that all RKS members may have a chance to respond to your application.

How do i know if i am accepted or not?
Your application's subject will be changed to either [ACCEPTED], [RECRUITED], or [REJECTED].
[ACCEPTED] - You are a full member of the clan (mostly for those who we know very well)
[RECRUITED] - You seem like RKS material, so we have recruited you. This means that you are on a trial period at which we determine if you are a member we are looking for. Basically the same as accepted members, just that you would be rejected one day. You can wear the tags like all RKS members.
[REJECTED] - We have determined that you do not fit the criteria that we are looking for and had to reject you for that reason. We are terribly sorry.
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Nov 12, 2008
You followed the right format for an application, but obviously didn't read enough to make it worth while. Reread this thread and make a new application in a new thread as instructed, Angrypygmy.
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