Server Move


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Nov 11, 2008
New York City
Since no one ever visits this forum anymore, I doubt any of you would have noticed. The web server has been moved to another server. This is just a summary of the changes.

New Server
New Server has been provisioned in Toronto, CA. It is a Dual Processor Octocore System with lots of RAM, so it should come in very handy in the future. Instead of doing a full migration as before, I did a limited migration where only certain websites, email servers, etc has moved. The old server will stay in NYC fully provisioned and online.

Sourcebans page was very slow to load when you were attempting to open the ban list. Even with the row limit set to 10, it would take 5-10 seconds to load. I have finally decided to take a look into it, and determined that it was caused by a very slow query. The issue has been rectified and the page should now load fairly quickly. Note however this is still a lazy fix and not a proper fix (not that it will matter).

Long Version (Not really, still the short version): The original SQL query was taking the entire database, merging it with three other databases, and then sorting it before truncating it. The new method now sorts the bans database first and then truncates it before it is joined with the other databases. This way, there is no performance related slowdowns.

The Teamspeak server will be moving shortly to this new server. After this, some of you who had issues connecting (namely Gwahir) should no longer have problems. Hopefully, Keknar and Witt wont have issues either.

I will also be moving the Minecraft Server once I get the chance.

Reason for move: Big cost saving measure.