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    [PENDING RESPONSE FROM APPLICANT] nbunomad- previously accepted member

    a. Skyraze, nomad, Sky, Nbunomad, †§ŠkÿRãz꧆ b. 19 c. STEAM ID (example: STEAM_0:0:01234567, not McChicken, Guppy, etc) d. tf2, cs:s, garrysmod, payday 2, eve online, minecraft, dayz... etc. e. Chicago, Il f. I've been a member in the past and left on my own accord, i started missing the...
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    Nomad back in da house!

    ok for real, my current screen name is Skyraze, but i have gone by many others, mainly nomad and Sky. i am an individual who joined rks a long long time back, the site says 2010, but it was longer than that. I found out that i missed rks and saw that there was a hole in my heart that it belonged...
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    post random pictures here.

    :rolleyes:yeah it doesnt matter really just have this here cause photobucket and xfire wont accept my pics.hmmm i forgot about picasa. maybe i will use that. but for now here is a new pic. this is a new skin for steam yes there is a link to it but its in mega upload so dont yell at me if it take...
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    post random pictures here.

    this is a pic of my newest sniper freaking powrful one too!
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    post random pictures here.

    yay yay yay
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    [BANNED] Ban for GrifsPDA

    STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:21458957 all the evidence is in the video.
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    [BANNED] multiple people ban

    fireproof already knows some of it. but here is a video of it. and the steam id's of them(i will have the ones highlighted) # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state # 477 "KaneQuicktail" STEAM_0:1:16662203 00:22 285 51 spawning # 440 "[TR] Hakdizzle" STEAM_0:1:15955219 2:18:38 62 0...
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    New Source Mod Game by Nexon!!! (EPIC AWESOME)

    Nomad's Pics Nomad's Pics t.some here are awesome some here are ho me finishing off a logmonster. Holy Crap thats hot We whipped him soo hard that.... well yeah. that hard. while me,joey, and guppy where anhialating this monster, phail got scared and ran for the hills
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    [KICKED] NBUnomad Here for recruiment!

    A. My name is Kevin A.K.A [NBU] Nomad B. I am 18 Years old. C. My Steam ID is: STEAM_0:0:5494470 D. I play Counter Strike: source, Day of Defeat:source, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, Moder Warfare 2, ETC. E.I live in Illinois, USA F.I have known RKS for 1.5 years and never joined, until...