[REJECTED] Ban request for woodchipz

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Jan 10, 2009
Why do You want to know
I would like you to ban woodchips.

server: roleplay

name: woodchipz

steam id: STEAM_0:1:22149091 3:00:25 147 0 active

reason: he started random dming because he let fireproofthor his guns and the gangsters broke in and stole his guns so he went on a long rampage just dming me, ethan ,and young. So fireproof said here wood take these and give him a bunch of paras and he dmed more. ethan was saying kick him and fire said no you guys stole his stuff so he is getting revenge.
(im sorry i have no pictures i lagged out and wasnt able to get back in on time :( )
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ya and the fact that i cant spawn guns... want proof ask py and the fact is he was a gun dealer and bought them himself means you should say i did it second because you and 2 other stole 8 of his guns that made him angry if you did that to me i would try to get some revenge notice he only killed you three for revenge and after about 4 or 5 minutes he stoped
Firstable you guys stole my guns when he asked them to stay back and so they all ran in and ethan didntdo anything as cop in fact he tried to steal my mp5's so i demoted him and he said random demote so then with my money i bought a shipments of para's then i killed them a couple of times to teach them not to steal fire did not once so ever give me para's at all i bought them
I say its ok to dm gansters who steal the guns that cost alot of money that you worked hard on making. P.S. Jake I am still mad about the banking thing and that stranded thing.
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